Monday, July 7, 2008


Memory Monday has been interrupted by technical and general difficulties.

Things currently going wrong in my home/life:
  • Computer has wicked spyware viruses (Although my cousin DF may have sent me a few ideas to fix it - but I need a couple hours apparently to finish the job. Sigh)
  • Living room ceiling is leaking - kids' bathroom is flooding and I need to get BossMan's repair man over to fix this. What's that I hear? The sound of money going down the drain?
  • New Puppy has been hijacked by EX. He now has 3 dogs, and I have none. OK It's Daughter's new puppy, but we were going to keep her at my house. Yes I know it's best for Daughter if puppy travels with her so that Puppy can actually be HER puppy (see new photo in sidebar) AND it actually works better for me to have no dog when I have no kids (I travel a LOT), BUT I JUST WANT TO WHINE A BIT HERE AND BE A BRAT! He trumped me by saying, "Oh you can bring her over here when you're here) He stole my puppy. Not technically correct, but I'm just going to leave that one out there for now.
  • My Pilot/SUV has the "Maintenance required" light on full time and is overdue for repairs.
  • My convertible with just 17,000 miles on it is making chunking noises and has a ding in the back fender by some nasty DC parker (no for once I didn't back into anything....) and while all of the above is covered by warranty/insurance, I still have to find the time to deal with it.
  • Is it any wonder my face has broken out in nasty cysts? Oh no, I don't get just normal acne, I get the cyst variety. Yes I get these under stress and they are genetic (my oldest brother gets them, too). There is nothing but time to make them go away. Indeed, the more you try to do something about them, the worse they get. Gee, just in time for a visit to see Friend, too. He will go running and screaming in the other direction.
  • My roof leaks when it rains and the wall in the office (where the water runs down the chimney) is crumbling. We have had 2 separate roofers in the past few years try to fix this. Can I find the paperwork/receipts for this? Nooooooo. Time to spend another $3000 on someone else who won't be able to fix it.....
  • My plants in my window boxes on the far right insist on dying. I have replanted twice. Can't figure it out. Yes I've tried new dirt and everything. The other three are perfect. Perhaps we will just have 3 boxes this year...
  • There is an unknown fungus growing in my front garden. Again, likely fixable if I could find the time.

So Memory Monday became "want some cheese with that whine?"

Feels better just to get it out there...

On the bright side:

  • I'm going to see Friend in a few days
  • I'm very busy at work
  • I got to see my parents and most of my family this past weekend
  • the puppy is a great traveler and was good in Gram's house
  • Daughter is ridiculously happy and responsible with new puppy
  • Son is happy with puppy even though he wasn't involved in the picking out and arrived home from vacation to discovery puppy (I was worried about this - even though it is Daughter's 16th birthday present)
  • BossMan has a great handyman who will work for me and fix all my house problems and is reliable
  • I have a great mechanic who is trustworthy and reliable who can fix my cars
  • If I put a little effort into it, I will remember that God is with me - everywhere every time in every place and hears me and He will get me through. My Faith is a wonderful gift.

OK feeling even better now. Thanks!


suz said... have a lot going on. no wonder your face is breaking out....
sounds like you can make some of it go away though...pick and choose the problems that NEED to be done
You will get through it.
The puppy is delicious. What did she name it?

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Looks like you talked yourself through it!

How cut is that puppy?! Don't worry, it will be yours in a couple of years when she goes to college.

Persnickety Ticker said...

Gosh! You make my life seem like a piece of CHEESEcake. Hope things get easier/better for you!