Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Time To ReName The Blog!

OK OK I know this is way overdue.  Probably somewhere I said something about "June 1."  HA  That was funny.

What have I been doing?  OHHHH changed jobs, gave the house a 2nd overhaul, picked my daughter up from Italy, went down to Ft. Lauderdale twice in a month, packing, organizing, LEFT MY JOB AT MY FIRM where I had been for 9 years.  That was my first true career job.  And it was soooo hard to leave.  My last week was epic.  I still can't believe I have left.

SO on to the naming thing.  There have been some funny/cute/thoughtful/off the wall suggestions (in no particular order):
  • High Heels to Flip Flops (Suz)
  • 1000 Miles from my Ex (Yogurt)
  • Tin Cup Chalice (Cristy)
  • Behind Door #2 (Hula Girl)
  • As Far Away From the Ex as I can Get (Jenn)
  • Moved Not Murdered (Shirley)
  • Many States Away From My Ex (ChiTown Girl)
  • Far Away From that Assbag (Chitown Girl)
  • See Ya, Sucka! (Chitown Girl)
  • Why Didn't I do This Sooner? (ChiTown Girl)
  • Life with the Captain (ChiTown Girl)
  • Finally Free In Florida (ChiTown Girl)

And I have thought of a few of my own:
  • She Sailed Away
  • SouthBound
  • New Latitude, New Attitude
  • Come Sail Away
  • Legally Blonde in Flip Flops
  • EX Next Door To My Ex
  • Charting a New Course
As much as I love some of the blog titles "kissing off" the Ex, I think this next phase of my life is about me, not him.  So I will pass on those titles (although Moved Not Murdered might be a step away and therefore a possibility....)

I need to remember how to set up a poll on the side of the blog.  Considering my pathetic blogging of late (I picked up 24 new cases in my first two days on the new job - I'm a little busy!!!!!), I will wait until July to have the voting run.  For now, Please Drop a Comment and Vote for a New Blog Name! (Or leave your own thoughts).