Tuesday, July 5, 2011

That Damn New Name

I know I have been talking about renaming the blog.  The problem is my life is currently like a deck of cards that someone has tossed into the air.

Oh right that "someone" would be me.

I am currently living in one state and "working" in another state that is 1000 miles away.

My house has been on the market over 2 months and NO OFFERS.  So I am not going to sell it.  I have called a rental agency.

I do not have any where to live in my new state (Florida) AND I have promised to be there - at my desk - by August 8.

I have packed 3.7 boxes out of about 200....

Sooooo I'm facing homelessness AND/OR paying two rents/mortgages.  And my stuff might be on the curb.

I know I know "hire it done" do you have any idea what that costs?  Oh - no they are NOT paying relocation expenses.  No one does that in this economy.  Although my local friends have graciously offered to come pack boxes for the price of a few beers.  That's good labor!

Fun stuff.

Oh right and I have 2 Spanish girls (12 + 14) living with me for a couple weeks.  They speak almost no English although they understand it pretty well.  Yes I speak Spanish, but they are here to learn English.  Which they decidedly do NOT want to do.  They want to go shopping and see the sights in DC.  Did I mention I have a job?  they are adorable and sweet and kind.  I just wish they would give English an effort.  My neighborhood is FULL of 12-14 year old girls who have offered to come over.  We are starting that process TODAY.  One at a time.

SOOOO blogging is not going to happen until sometime in the future when I am "settled."

Settled?!  HAHA that is hilarious.

I am beginning to wonder about this decision.

Except I miss the Captain SOO much and am tired of living 1000 miles away from him.  AND I hate the cold and do NOT want to be here for another winter.

Otherwise?  This moving idea was INSANE....