Tuesday, July 5, 2011

That Damn New Name

I know I have been talking about renaming the blog.  The problem is my life is currently like a deck of cards that someone has tossed into the air.

Oh right that "someone" would be me.

I am currently living in one state and "working" in another state that is 1000 miles away.

My house has been on the market over 2 months and NO OFFERS.  So I am not going to sell it.  I have called a rental agency.

I do not have any where to live in my new state (Florida) AND I have promised to be there - at my desk - by August 8.

I have packed 3.7 boxes out of about 200....

Sooooo I'm facing homelessness AND/OR paying two rents/mortgages.  And my stuff might be on the curb.

I know I know "hire it done" do you have any idea what that costs?  Oh - no they are NOT paying relocation expenses.  No one does that in this economy.  Although my local friends have graciously offered to come pack boxes for the price of a few beers.  That's good labor!

Fun stuff.

Oh right and I have 2 Spanish girls (12 + 14) living with me for a couple weeks.  They speak almost no English although they understand it pretty well.  Yes I speak Spanish, but they are here to learn English.  Which they decidedly do NOT want to do.  They want to go shopping and see the sights in DC.  Did I mention I have a job?  they are adorable and sweet and kind.  I just wish they would give English an effort.  My neighborhood is FULL of 12-14 year old girls who have offered to come over.  We are starting that process TODAY.  One at a time.

SOOOO blogging is not going to happen until sometime in the future when I am "settled."

Settled?!  HAHA that is hilarious.

I am beginning to wonder about this decision.

Except I miss the Captain SOO much and am tired of living 1000 miles away from him.  AND I hate the cold and do NOT want to be here for another winter.

Otherwise?  This moving idea was INSANE....


yogurt said...

Deep breaths and one box at a time. You'll get there.

Dysfunctional Mom said...

Oh, good times. Good luck!

TAG said...



I have a feeling in a few short months you'll look back on this as one of the best things to ever happen in your life.

As for the house, I have some thoughts on that. My guess is you have been advised to sell it using the same old tried and true methods that have worked for decades. The problem is, things have changed. Dramatically.

My advice is to take a hard look at how the house is priced and consider rethinking the entire plan. No, I did not say lower the price.

Instead, increase the value and the price. One way to increase the value is to offer to let some of the stuff stay with the house. Yes, you may have a bed that is perfect for you and you'd never part with it. I get that. But, consider this. If you offer to let that special bed stay with the house (along with a few other selected items) and you raise the price $20 or $30k, could you replace those items with the additional money? Probably, yes. The interesting thing you may find is that potential buyers don't really want the bed, but they will like the idea of "saving" $20 or $30k by buying the house at a lower price without the items.

The bottom line is you do not need one price for the house. You need several prices including one that is over the top and includes almost everything including you throwing a welcome to the neighborhood party in their honor.

Something to consider.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

One way or another the move will get done--and then you will get to relax--in a place you want to be.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh you will figure it out, I just know you will. Not having a plan or anything settled is really hard for us control freaks. Sending you good thoughts!!

Nana said...

And when you do get around to changing your blog name, how will we find you? So want to hear about Florida! My husband is an attorney and you sound a lot like him - tons going on all the time and loving the kids.

JO said...

What incredible advice from TAG. Seriously. I LOVE it! Ya know, when I get overwhelmed (okay, we all know that happens, like daily lol), I hit the list one thing at a time. Hyperfocus on it, then move on. When the other nagging to do's pop into my brain, I shush them, and continue to focus on that one thing.

Jason, as himself said...

Wow, you've got a lot of stuff going on right now. Good luck with getting resettled--especially in regards to the house.

Navhelowife said...

Those 12 year olds in the neighborhood? Hire them to pack boxes. They can certainly pack books, linens, etc.

And then use the older labor to do more exact things needed.

It will all fall into place, I believe.

Mrs. Tuna said...

Maybe the ex will help you pack?

Deb said...

As my granny used to say....this too shall pass...
you'll look back on this summer with fondness once it's all said and done!

In meantime, one day at a time!

Much luck and patience!

sam2012world said...

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ChiTown Girl said...

Hey, Girlfriend!

I hope everything worked out for you since this post, especially since you're supposed to start your new job Monday!! I'm sure you're incredibly busy, but check in with us when you can. We miss you!

Suburban Correspondent said...

I lost track of you and now you're moving! I hope it went well and good luck in your new digs. Although...Florida? After this past July, I would have gone north!

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