Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Somebody PLEASE Help Me

I have this teenage boy. And I just don't get him. At All. Somebody please translate....
BACKGROUND: Son has been "complaining' that he doesn't get to spend enough time with girlfriend. Girlfriend lives about 25 minutes away. Kids don't drive. Kids aren't allowed home alone.
MOM'S RESPONSE: Bend over backwards so that Son can see girlfriend.
Son: I don't think Girlfriend is coming over Thursday (oh gee mom did you rearrange your life and worry all day that helping Grandmother might fall in the middle and how would you do both things you promised? A day in my life I say)
Mom: Why not?
Son: She said, "I think we should talk" and I guess we're going to break up over the phone rather than in person.
Mom: Do you want to break up with her?
Son: Yeah for about a month now.
Mom: (as head explodes) (thought only - manages not to say this out loud) Then Why The Heee-ll have I been killing myself to drive you there or get home in time so that she can come over here if you've just been posturing for the perfect breakup moment??!!

Yes, I have considered that this is all a front and that he is really upset by her "we have to talk" thing, but I don't think he is. When not whining about not seeing her, he has mentioned that they really are very different and she's not "fun." Daughter and I agree she isn't very "fun." She's a nice and GOR-GEOUS girl, and I love her parents, but she is the only child who has stepped foot in my house in years whom I have not been able to joke with and tease and basically treat as one of my own.
And Yes I've considered that it's about sex. Much as that pains me.


Kalynne Pudner said...

Oh, I've taken to googling single-sex boarding schools, preferably those run by strictly conservative religious orders. Watching them negotiate their way through romantic relationships -- trying to guide, when necessary, which is a guaranteed fight-starter -- has been the absolutely toughest part of parenting yet.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Oy. I remember the days. And they are coming again soon to a theater near me.

You've got it right. Be a parent. It's what they need, and what they want, even if they don't show it outwardly.

And have some fun too. They leave for college before you know it, and take a piece of your heart with them.

Alice said...

I'm taking notes from all you blogs with teens. Getting a bit nervous.

suz said...

Oh, like you don't have enough going have to help him with HIS love life too?
I had a similar issue with sporty and her temporary boy friend. I was allowing him to go everywhere with us and PAYING for all his food/movies etc...and then I find out she was BORED with him for....get this "about a Month". Gee, could you have saved me some money?
good luck

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

It's so frustrating when they have a girl or boyfriend that you can see is not a good fit. But you don't dare open your mouth, they'll probably run off & get married if you do that!

DF said...

First, Au is just being a teenager, a boy teenager at that. Typical for this age.

I am sooooooooo glad that A and C have not had significant boy relationships yet. Keeps them focused where they need be focused, on their goals.

Amy said...

And now I'm going to pray and beg and plead that my kids stay young forever!!