Monday, July 21, 2008

And then My Head exploded...

This week sets a New World Record for head explosions. Interestingly, both good and bad head explosions. See, I'm one of those people whose head explodes in good situations, too, and not just when things are so bad that, well, your head explodes....

So what happened this week?
on the Good Explosions list we have:
  • Ainhoa came to visit. (follow the link for a lengthy post on my other blog about the kids' long lost Spanish best friend). I worried if the kids would have enough in common after 11 years away. Would they remember each other? Could they communicate? Would they have anything in common? HA I should have put the worry wart pants away - they had so much fun, they barely slept.
  • My Son Held My Hand - voluntarily - while shopping today . Yes, My 15 year old Son took my hand while talking to me in the mall and we walked towards a store, discussing his latest "must have" in electronics. Forget that the hand-holding was part suck-up for fronting him money for this purchase until the vacationers return and pay him for the lawn mowing he's been doing. We held hands like when he was little. And it was sweet.
  • My home computer at least survived the SDFix if not was cured by it. perhaps there is hope for this non-technogeek.
  • My old Friend Irene, whose husband works with the Ex and who was hosting Ainhoa, is indeed still my Friend. It's one of those friendships where you say, "Hmm, are they His? Mine? Both?" I figured with working with him and all, they might be in the "Him" column, which I would understand. But Irene and I were really good friends when we lived in Spain and suffered that interesting experience together. It was awesome to reconnect and grow in our friendship together.

And then there were the not-so-good head exploding experiences.....

  • Puppy Lorelai has clearly learned the word "outside," and she clearly knows what to do there. So why did she look at me so adorably and piddle on my oriental rug???
  • Irene invited the kids to go to an amusement park with them and Ainhoa this week - but the kids are with Ex. So I had to STAND ON THE PROPERTY LINE and shout over to him about this opportunity while he grunted and said, "FINE I'll call her" and not answer me....BTW we hadn't spoken in over 3 weeks....despite seeing each other regularly in our yards when I smile and say "hi" and he pretends there is no one talking to him.....
  • Why oh why am I up blogging at 130 a.m. and doing laundry when I have to go to work tomorrow??? My head can explode now or in the fast-approaching morning....



Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I can't think of anything my 15 year old son wants badly enough to hold my hand for.

Tonight he chastised me for being a "question-talker."

You do know that airplanes fly to San Diego, right? We'd totally host a BitchFest in your honor.

suz said...

Very sweet of your son...even though he was sucking up...he could have been SEEN by one of his peers. Nice kid.
Sorry about the bad stuff...what the h is wrong with Ex? dickwad.
ooops did I just write that?
I hope the bad expolosions take some much needed time off.