Monday, July 21, 2008

Scaley Creatures Nibbling my Toes - ?!

Under the Category of "Now I have Seen Everything."

It seems America can't get enough pampering. A simple pedicure just doesn't cut it anymore. Nope. No amount of foot rubbing, sloughing off, creamy gunk between your toes, or abrasive toenail filing can beat the feel of hundreds of fish eating the dead skin off your feet.

What, you think I'm kidding?!

First, Bossman sent me the website where he's sending his wife for her birthday tomorrow.

So I checked it out. And found this.

THOSE ARE FISH IN THAT WATER, EATING DEAD SKIN. (notice only children will do this long enough to have their photo taken)

NO I AM NOT KIDDING. SEE FOR YOURSELF.... (hmmm looks suspiciously like another tender child's foot in there....)

Then our Loyal Assistant noticed this article on CNN.
Yep for a mere $35 for 15 minutes or $50 for 30 minutes, you can sit with your feet in a tank full of fish and have them nibble off your dead skin. It seems they don't have teeth, so they don't "bite you."

One woman claims, ""It's a little ticklish, actually." Uh-huh.

At least you no longer share a tank with other people, only to be embarrassed when the fish swarm your feet for your plethora of dead skin while leaving untouched that gorgeously svelte young girl next to you, with her perfect teeth and perfect skin and perfect hair who apparently has no dead skin for the poor starving fish to eat so they will gorge on your calloused tootsies. Yeah the Health Department declared that unsanitary. One old, smelly, scaley, calloused pair of feet per tank, please, with fresh water for every customer. Because who wants to stick their feet into a pool of dirty fish water anyway - puh-lease I need clean fish water!?


suz said...

I have seen this. IT IS GROSS.
No thank you.
I don't swim in the ocean for just this reason.

laurie said...

oh golly. between this and ugly painfully cracked heels (which is what i got)? i'll take the ugly painful cracked heels. truly.

nobody eats my flesh and gets away with it. (you know what i mean.)

Super B's Mom said...


I'd rather sit in my porch swing and let my dogs lick my dry heels.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. ;)

katydidnot said...

that's utterly disgusting. and i sort of want to try it. if it was free.

San Diego Momma said...

Oh no thank you.

I'll just use my Ped Egg and like it.

Amy said...

OMG!! That is disgusting! I would never be able to do that and don't think I could ever go to a place that does it either.

DF said...

Why pay $35 for this when a quick walk on a sandy beach will exfoliate the feet quite nicely. Way more romantic too! If you want fish, just stand in the ocean.

dkuroiwa said...

There was a news story here from Turkey where there is a whole swimming pool of those little fish and people just sit...their whole bodies, not just their little piggies...and those fish nibble away!!
It has become quite a 'tourist' spot, from what the report said.
Me? oh really don't think so...give me a salt bath...or a bury my butt in the hot fish, please...ewww!

Always Home and Uncool said...

And I thought my experience taking a mud bath was gross ... and weird.

Paranoid said...

Argh. Flesh-eating fish and morning sickness do not mix well. I think I have to go scrub myself down now, because I feel all squirmy.

Jennifer said...

Now why didn't I think of that? Who knew people would pay to have their skin eaten? I could be rich!

What some wouldn't do for "beauty".