Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A little bloggy break

By now you've all figured out that I've taken a blogging break. And just when I was getting a lot of visitors, too, which really makes my day, by the way.

To what do I owe this? Lack of time, computer malfunction, general disaster.

First it was a short trip down south to see Friend (one of my friend/readers has said that name "Friend" creeps him out and I should choose something else. I thought that was funny. what say you readers? Should I call him something else? My thoughts are "Captain" or "Rainman" [that's his real nickname from me]) I brought my computer but ended up not plugging it in, even though I sadly did have time because Friend/Captain/Rainman was on call and was in surgery for many of the hours of my visit. Sigh.

Second it was work. I do like my job, but sometimes I wish I had one of those so-called 9-5 jobs where when you're off, you're off. I'm never off. even when I sleep I am thinking about work. Sad but true. I do love my job, but sometimes...

Third it's life. MIL took a turn for the worse yesterday and I was called to go to Dad's rescue. Nothing major in some ways, but in other ways it's major b/c it's just the way she is. She has traumatic brain injury. She is combative. She has no short term memory. So she forgets she has to drink liquids and get's confused. And she forgets she needs a walker so she falls down. Then she gets raging mad b/c she can't get up and she starts a rampage, usually in the bathroom, where she's annoyed b/c she needs diapers, and she starts destroying stuff. And Dad, who was cared for for 50 years and now is in role reversal, throws up his hands and says, "I can't do anything with her." So I arrived to find her on the floor chucking stuff. Ironically, b/c I am the "outlaw," she will not rage at me. The minute I walk through the door, she is peaches and cream, we got her cleaned up, drank some gatorade, ate some food, read a book, had a nice chat.

Fourth, I still have a computer virus that I have "killed" three times. If I can get back in control of my life (HA) I will finalize the kill process.

Fifth, I have three dogs two of whom pee in the house. Under "dog lover" I might quickly become "FORMER." I banned two certain dogs from the upstairs and reminded Daughter that Puppy is STILL a puppy and needs to go out EVERY HOUR. As for the beast who should be next door but for some reason is an uninvited guest in my house, she is banned to downstairs and at night will be next door. Until Ex comes home from his emergency business trip.

So my friends, that is Life with The Girl Next Door. No major tragedies, but no witty posts to share, either.

I'm hoping to be back in the next couple days.

Until then, why Yes CHERI there does appear to be a gas can under Ex's window in the post below....NO I didn't put it there. funny you noticed it.


Carol P. said...

Hang in there. Life's a dance and right now somebody accidentally set the turntable to 78rpm. Keep up with the beat and it'll go back to lp-speed soon enough....

And I thought Friend was just fine. Maybe FWSBN? (Friend Who Shall Be Nameless?)

suz said...

Busy busy girl.
Sorry so much chaos is in your life right now, hopefully things will wind down.
When you get a minute, I dropped an award on your busy butt.
take care, Suz

myra said...

I missed you! Welcome back to the blogosphere. It's not the same here without you. You are clearly a compassionate person to care for your MIL as you do. I'm hoping you can leave work behind a little now, and fill us in on "Friend". (My vote is for Rainman.)

Amy said...

I was beginning to wonder where you were!! I'm sure things will begin to slow down in a few days.

And I like "Friend" - I think you should stay with that. (But then again I also call my kids - Girl, Boy 1 and Boy 2) :-)

Kalynne Pudner said...

"Friend" is not so much creepy as, well, bland. Too bland for us blogosphere rats, who prefer to read about anonymous visitees with labels like "Hot Doctor" or "Killer Abs" or "My Sweet Consolation." Just sayin'.

The Girl Next Door said...

Hmmmm Kalynne - "my sweet consolation" now THAT has potential....excuse me while I go turn on the fan on "helicopter speed"...

Alice said...

Take your break girl. You deserve it.

dkuroiwa said...

Yeah..."Friend" does sound kind of...bland...and...you should call him "Captain Rainman"..."Capt.R."...now I have images of pirates in my head and not hotty doctors...sheesh...it's time for bed.
Busy is sometimes good...at least, you kind of busy has a chance of slowing down a bit. Hang in there.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

I will tell you, my friend, I am not a drinker, but since acquiring the puppy (and acquiring some financial "challenges" over the Summer....) I've discovered how RELAXING an evening gin and tonic can be!

Not that advocating alcohol.... just mildly suggesting.... :-)

Things will get better. Just keep forging ahead.

If it's any consolation, I'm in the same boat with you... cleaning up puppy pee wondering "Why the HELL did I ever agree to get another dog?!" and wondering when my life will return to Normal again??

Eventually, though, it will.
For both of us. :-)