Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Finding Joy In Next Door

It's "his week" with the kids. Who happen to be next door. So when I came home with a truckload of flowers. Yes 6 or 7 flats. the kids actually volunteered to come over and help me plant. So when Ex came home from work, the kids and both dogs were over at my house, playing in the yard, planting flowers and having a good time. A nice perk.

The funny moment came when later I was grilling out by myself on my new weber grill I put together myself (Ok so I had a friend on the phone talking me through it - details...), suddenly Chessie is at my feet (that would be my dog). Seems Ex was walking his monster and chessie bolted. Tried to get Chessie to go to his house, but she refused. I walked her to the line (I'm not allowed on "his" property - I kid you not) and she just looked at me like, "Do I have to?" I called to him and told him I'd just keep her [dog travels weekly with kids, see below], but he refused, rather madly. She finally gave in, obedient dog that she is. I tried not to laugh out loud at the whole thing.

Today I am home again - both Daughter and I are still sick (apparently the goodness we felt while planting was but a fleeting reprieve in the eye of the nasty flu storm), and who shows up whining at my back door? No Not the Ex silly, my DOG. So she's here again. SOMEbody loves me!!!


Persnickety Ticker said...

OK, so I have read through your first page of entries, voted in your poll and clicked your google. Does this mean we can be best friends now? Seriously...and I thought I was are a riot! If I haven't already met you in a past life, or this one for that matter, then I defiantely need to. You and I would have a BLAST together! Kudos to you for having the cajones to live next door to your ex. I spent years of my life running from mine.

You now have a new devoted reader of your blog, and if you approve, I will link you on mine. Can't wait for the next installment! Have a great day!

DF said...

The thing about Chessie, is that her love is unconditional. Just like Sh and Au's. You have great kids and at least one great dog.

Get better soon.

Brock said...

*Ahem* - Now let's just go back and see which of us had great things to say about dogs... aha! That would be me.

Cheri said...

Thanks for stopping by at my blog.

This is a very funny and poignant post. ;-)

Keep up the good writing! See you soon.