Sunday, May 4, 2008

Hotness and other Misconceptions

Someone says, "OOOh she's hot." And You're thinking "20's. Gorgeous. No cottage cheese..uh I mean cellulite. No veiny legs. clear skin. Tiny waist. High cheek bones. Boobs."

Then someone says it to YOU. You that 40-something, cottage cheesy, veiny girl. (OK I have boobs - by the way, I know I owe you all a post on that. It's coming, I promise...)

Wait. 'Splain for me please. How can a chubby, old, veiny, mom of 15 year old twins be hot? (And no they didn't mean hot flashes).

Get this. Me. The geeky girl who tried all throughout high school to hide her geekiness. I was so cool. (HA) I wore wide whale courderoys in pink with a kelly green fair isle sweater, a turtle neck an oxford and a polo shirt (yes all at one time). Totally cool. Ok. Not.

I wore a pink minidress with black swiss dots. Very "Maniac." (Flashdance?) Cool. Um Not.

I was smokin at 110 pounds, silky running shorts, tank top...til I added izod sweatbands....not.

NOW 25 years later, I embrace my geekiness. I admit I love the law. I love to read. I have no fashion sense. I cannot fix my computer. I have trouble uploading YouTube videos. I-Am-A-Geek. And where does that land me? Smack dab in Hotness.

WHY? Because admitting I am a geek somehow makes me cool.

I swear I am not on drugs, and I've only had 1 glass of wine. I am not delusional. OK I am only minimally delusional. But my friends tell me that embracing my geekiness makes me hot. WHY DIDN'T SOMEONE TELL ME THIS 25 YEARS AGO??


joe said...

You have always been HOT, this just confirms it!

DF said...

Because 25 years ago, geeky was...well geeky ('n weird). We were too busy trying to fit into the percieved "social" crowd Now geeky is fine.

Just as joe has said, you were always hot, in a cuz kinda way.

Paranoid said...

Well, there's nothing hotter than someone who's comfortable in her own skin. And yeah, the 110 pound, blonde-haired, boob-having thing isn't hurting your cause, either.

The Girl Next Door said...

HA 110 pounds FUNNY. I haven't seen that in a long time. But thanks for the props. This wasn't a gratuitous plea for "please tell me how I am really gorgeous" - I'm serious that it has taken me 40 years (ok 35 because who's really trying those first 5 and we're all adorable anyway til at least 5) to realize that being yourself is all that really matters. Yes I am a Slow Learner.

DF said...

But at least you did learn the lesson.

Anonymous said...

I know! I was queen dork in high school, and suddenly, now that I don't care anymore, I'm hot. And you are, too, for sure!