Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I Can't Write Funnier than Real Life

This really happened. I kid you not.

Daughter had a flute recital recently. She's been playing only 4 years but has worked her way up to the top of the class. I am pathetically proud of her and could blog for hours just on her skills. But I won't - at least not yet.

She was with Ex that weekend, so he brought her. Meaning I get to just show up in the nick of time for the recital. It's at a small, modern church - same place every year. It only holds maybe 50 people, just 4 long pews of people with the participants up front in pews that are adjacent to the rest of us. So I walk in and there's a perfect seat next to Daughter's friend - the one I took shopping with Daughter the night before the recital so they could get dresses. Another hilarious post for later.

Anyway, Ex is hiding in the back, well down the row of the pew just to be sure I can't sit anywhere near him. Like I'd want to?

SO after the recital, during which Daughter played an 8 minute piece that was incredible - rocked my world - I went out to the foyer where they have refreshments. I had stopped to chat with the Teacher a minute and tell her "job well done," so everyone was already in the tiny foyer. Except Ex. No where to be found. But daughter was there. And it was a Sunday ("exchange day"), so I'm wondering, "Am I supposed to take her home?" I ask Daughter. She doesn't know.

I move a few feet toward the refreshment table to see if any of my brownies are there. The double doors to the church are open and swing up almost against the end of the refreshment table. And there. Behind the door. Hiding? Is Ex. As I approach the table, he scampers out from behind the door and makes a hasty retreat from the foyer. It was all I could do not to laugh out loud. Hopefully Daughter did not notice.

I chatted with her for a bit, complementing her on her playing and how beautiful she looked in her new dress, chatting with Friend about same. Every once in a while Ex's head would pop in the room, he'd see I'm still there chatting with Daughter, and he would scamper away again.

I have no explanation. None. I don't carry kryptonite. At least, not that I know of.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Definitely odd behavior.

debawriter said...


Doesn't he live next door to you?

Why's he hiding when you're so close all the time anyway????



dkuroiwa said...

Yeah...just in case you needed another reason to be happy about the divorce...that is such psycho behavior...funny as hell, but still kind of psycho!

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

okay, WTF?!

tell Ex he needs to start taking his meds again... or something.

DF said...

Seems someone is severely lacking in self esteem.

Persnickety Ticker said...

Sounds like a guy I broke up with, once. That was his way of flirting and trying to get me back(sad) and I know this cause he told his best friend that he was acting that way around me to try to get up the courage to ask me to come back. Little did he know that his "best friend" liked me as well and was trying his best to sabotage any attempt ex-boyfriend made. Maybe the Ex is flirting in some weird, juvenile way?