Friday, May 16, 2008

Do We Really Need this Song?

Divorce stinks. Really it does. So do we really need a song to tell us how much it stinks? I mean, if you're in it, you know this feeling, so this song makes it pretty unbearable. If you're not in it, well, the song is just downright depressing so who wants to hear that anyway??

I admit, I listen to the first few strains. Then I start crying and turn it off. I doesn't matter that my kids only live 1/2 time next door. It is pretty....and I love Reba and Kenny Chesney. But c'mon guys. You're killing me here.


dkuroiwa said... I love Reba, but the girl does pick some songs to make you cry, doesn't she?!
Beautiful song...
It's sad that something that is so needed, sometimes, like divorce, is so hard on everyone!!!

Brock said...

Band: Everclear
Song: Hater

Opening Lines:
I don't like the way that you talk to me, when you tell me how it's gonna be...
And I don't like the way you that you smile at me, when you tell me what is wrong with me