Monday, May 19, 2008

Memory Monday

So I'm trying something new - "Memory Monday" will be a step back in time. A story from old. Maybe about Ex. Maybe not. For now, I'll start with:

HE HAD ME WHEN....I met him at a college conference. I watched him for most of the 4 days, then finally asked him to dance. After a long night of talking - and a few kisses (really that was all, and it took hours to get that much out of me) - we parted ways to go back home. I thought of him but didn't expect to hear from him any time soon. But within days a cute card with a puppy dog shows up with sentiments of how much he missed me already. A guy. Sending a Card. With a puppy dog. Admitting he missed me. I was a goner.

I SHOULD'VE KNOWN IT WAS DOOMED WHEN...during the early years we worked in the same town. I thought it would be cute to meet him for lunch. So we met for a quickie (LUNCH you silly) at wendy's. He did not say Two. Civil. Words. during the entire lunch. He was crabby and sullen. I tried to get him to cheer up or at least be human. He said he couldn't break away in the middle of the day and be social - this was not his idea and he only went along with it to shut me up. The man was a financial anlyst, not a surgeon or a rocket scientist. He took a lunch break every day. Give. Me. A Break. We were newlyweds! We had lived apart during our entire 2 year "courtship!" Finally we were in the same zip code and he didn't have time for me! This was not the man I had dated! I laughed it off, and said I'd never meet him again for lunch. And I didn't!

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dkuroiwa said...

~~sigh~~ Men can be such weirdos! Like if they show that "softer" side of their personality and someone 'sees' it, the world will cease as we know it! This is why Hallmark is still so damn popular..send a card dammit..."don't let them 'see' that we care"!!!