Sunday, May 11, 2008

What I Learned this Weekend

Much has happened over the weekend. Quick post:

  • I am not too old to attend a 4 hour The Cure concert after flying cross country from a 3 day conference-from-hell (as in no sleep, too much "entertainment" and too much time away from home);
  • I don't hate loud music and actually enjoyed The Cure;
  • I didn't realize The Cure had so many hits;
  • I can smile while the Ex belittles me about my tool choices in front of my son because my son has conned him into installing the garage door opener for me (thus saving me $120) and I am getting the way better end of the deal;
  • I am mature enough to realize that I don't need a top-of-the-line level to hang pictures, a tool I will use a few times a year if at all, and being belittled for purchasing a middle of the road level is just funny;
  • There comes a time when you stop letting the Ex fill your kids' ears with lies and very patiently tell them a few truths without belittling or mocking the Ex;
  • Kids know when a parent is lying or being mean and will tell you;
  • My son has become a man: without being asked he installed a new garage door opener (see above); fixed the drippy kitchen sink; bathed the dog; and brought his vomiting sister saltines and new downloaded music;
  • mowing the grass is still fun even if you have to bag it;
  • when you're bagging the grass you should empty the bag more than once per front yard;
  • playing soccer in the pouring rain isn't fun - playing in the cold pouring rain is less fun but winning and scoring a hat trick in the pouring rain adds a little fun


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Mowing the grass is fun?

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I think it's fantastic for your kids that you live next door to your ex. I'm the child of divorce, my stepsister's a stepmom, my youngest daughter has a lot of friends whose parents are divorced; I see a lot how kids suffer in these thing--being next door has to make it much easier on them.

Brock said...

Oh My God! (I suppose I could have just done a OMG! but I believe that this deserved the full treatment)

YOU went and saw The Cure!? Well if that doesn't beat all. Obviously the world is shifting and I'll be especially careful while driving home in case gravity has somehow changed while I wasn't looking.