Monday, May 5, 2008

Poll Results

So of the resounding 7 of you who voted - yeah so my blog's not setting the world on fire just yet - I am the only wacko who can live next door to her Ex. Although truth be told, if I had to take the poll and not actually do it, I probably would've said, "Maybe next year." OR Maybe, as Mrs. G says, I am the crazy one in my family. (HA We are ALL crazy!).


Mrs. G. said...

I could live next door to my ex. When my husband and I have had those "come to Jesus" marriage moments, we agreed that if we split, we would get a duplex, so we could both be close to the kids.

Paranoid said...

As long as we're talking about polls, your latest one leaves off my personal plastic surgery choice -- total body lipo.

JO said...

Hey...I couldn't answer your newest poll....which I guess is a good thing. Of course, my personal one is a full mouth makeover - I hate my smile and teeth...white doesn't matter!