Friday, May 23, 2008

Quick Post Friday

What I love about my relationship with my teens:

Texting exchange yesterday while on my way home from work approx time they should be home from school:

ME: R U Home?

Daughter: No im dealing drugs in dc ill b home in an hour

ME: ok get a good price

D: will do we all kno who rly feeds this family

ME: lol ;o

Later discussion with said Daughter:
ME: that was hilarious
D: yeah I figured I was either grounded for life or you'd get a kick out of it. Glad you laughed

PLEASE NOTE: We are a very strict and straightlaced family. I was not ever a druggie and my kids are pretty prudish and open about things. Which is why this was even funnier coming from my evangelist daughter....


stephanie (bad mom) said...

It is fun to have these ironic discussions with your own trustworthy kids. Now, when I chat with my teenage students this way...*sigh* It's a little sad.

(Thanks for visiting me! I'll be back :))

dirtft said...

Your daughter's concern over how you would take it may indicate she sometimes feels she is walking on eggshells. Might be something to lightly discuss next time there is playful banter. I'd discuss it in person-your thumbs might cramp and it might be mistaken for uncomfortable silence.
It shows she DOES have a great sense of humor and I'm glad you were stress free enough to enjoy it...

DF said...

Sh must have a chauffeur because she does not drive yet. Of course it does not take a DL to drive, just a car.

That's Sh, always lookin' out for her Posse.

suz said...

I love this. This is what my girls and I would text....IF I could text.I ask them everyday how much crack they have bought/sold at school. Gotta make some money somewhere.
Found you at your blog

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

My son and I have this conversation all the time. I say "Where are you off to?" He says, "I need to visit my dealer."

We're pretty strict, but we know/how when to laugh.

Persnickety Ticker said...

This was funny! Nice that you can joke with your daughter about this subject yet at the same time trust her completely. Sounds like you did a great job raising her. Hope I do as well with mine.