Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Myra, San Diego Momma and My Dad

Some time ago I won a fabulous prize on San Diego Momma, which was free business cards or other cards, specially designed for me by Myra at Moon and Back Studios. Myra has a beautiful, sleek, fresh design on her website and I love her cards, but I was trying to find just the right thing to do with this great gift. My firm provides business cards, and I am terrible at snail mail. I collect correspondence cards and never use them.

Then I started thinking about things - my Dad was retiring and he has always been a big Business Card kind of guy. He brags that they are the original blackberry - a pack of cigarettes in his shirt pocket with a business card tucked in with notes on the back and wham, his blackberry for the day: notes on who he has to call, appointments, important info. All in one handy dandy card. How would he survive as a retired man with no Business Cards?

So I emailed Myra, gave her some vague ideas of my dad (and pretty much no artistic guidance seeing as how I can't even draw stick people) and she created THIS:

You may have read that my Dad is big into Model Railroading. So I thought this was Perfect. And so did he!! Even this proof does not do it justice. It really was awesome. Thank you San Diego Momma for the great gift. Thank you Myra for being such an awesome artist and feeling person.

And Dad? Yeah, thanks for being you!


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

What a great idea.

I had a friend who carried business cards that said:

Susan __________
I Stay Home, Ltd.

It cracked me up.

Busy Bee Suz said...

So cool. I remember your Dad and his way cool railroad set up. This is perfect. I am sure he will love his new crack berry. I mean black berry.
Coach gave me cards years ago:
"Supreme Commander of Domestic Affairs"
oh, yes he did. ;)

Bumpkin on a Swing said...


Maggie said...

Awesome!!! Great Idea!

zelzee said...

What a wonderful idea! You are truly a super daughter.
Your "thanks to dad" made me a little misty eyed.

Wishing your dad a long and enjoyable retirement.