Friday, March 6, 2009

I've Become a Lazy-Assed Follower

My mom always knew Ex and I wouldn't work out: we were both leaders. Headstrong, opinionated Leaders. She and my MIL both fretted about the union. And probably both were shocked we lasted as long as we did.

And now that I'm single? Hells bells have you seen my profile page? I've become the queen of frickin' followers. It all started innocently enough - went to someone's page and saw this new blogger gadget "follow me." So I started selectively following the blogs I really did want to read every day. And I made snide remarks in my head when I would come to someone else's profile and see them following 367 other blogs. "As if" I'd tell myself. "Get a life."

I had added a bunch of people to my "google reader" but quickly forgot how that worked. I'm pretty sure there are over 1 million articles to be read in my Google reader. if I could remember how to access it. So that was a bust.

well then life got in my way and blogging got harder. I wasn't reading as much as I wanted to. And then sometimes in the middle of the night I'd start clicking on commenters and finding cool blogs and then couldn't remember how to find my way back. I tried adding "favorites" but I have so many damned "favorite" websites it takes 3 years to get to the bottom of the list.

So harmlessly enough I started adding myself, little by little, as a follower. One here. One there. And I am in follower hell. Now I want to follow everyone I read, b/c I can click on my dashboard and click click click my way to the newest bloggy articles by all my favorites. Too many favorites. And now that's I've written this I'm going to feel guilty if you're reading this and I'm not following YOU. Not only have I become the follower my mother never thought I could be, I'm also guilt plagued (been practicing that my whole catholic life, though).

So I'm sorry if I'm not following you...yet. Trust me, I will be soon!


Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Oh my do I know this drill, wait till you wake up in the middle of the night, and say, "Where's Next Door, haven't heard from her?"

Lana said...

My issue is commenting. I used to comment on everyone who commented on my posts, PLUS everyone I followed AND on who followed me. It got so overwhelming I stopped for a week. Had to give myself some breathing time. Now I'm slowly getting back into it and I don't kick myself in the pants if I miss commenting on a blog (or 80) every other day!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

At the risk of sounding like the complete arse that I am in a whole new way . . . I don't understand how following, or how it works with (or in addition to?) Google Reader. So I've been following blogs I like, but I have Google Reader and they are there (too?). I don't know. It's too hard.

Busy Bee Suz said...

WHEW **wiping forehead** you are following me....:)
I know, it can be burdensome at times....I try not to pressure myself. I read when I get the time. Sometimes it is the middle of the night when someone is snoring and I can't sleep. oh, did I just write that?
take care-suz

JO said...

To quote one of the Cadet's favorite songs..from...gulp....John Denver (yes, my 16 year old's music tastes range from Marilyn Manson to John Denver....)

Follow Me...where I go...what I do..and who I know...make it part of you to be a part of me...follow me up and down...all the wayyyyyyyy....

Read my blog and say you'll follow me. LOL. Okay, so that isn't the line in the song..but it worked.

Tis okay that you are a follower - just admit it ..and move on. "My name is Girl Next Door - and I am a blog follower"

All TGND's follower's in chorus...


ModernMom said...

Wonder how many more followers you'll pick up after this post! LOL

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Hi, I'm Jenn and I follow 97 blogs in my Reader. No, I have no idea how I do it.

J.G. said...

My rule is reading 5 of my followed blogs per day. It hardly ever works (I almost always read more) but it's nice to have a baseline so I can keep track of my addiction.

I can't figure out the Google reader at all. Maybe that's a good thing.

dkuroiwa said...

Sometimes I feel as if my butt is stuck to the computer chair and I seriously can't get out!
Right google reader is about to overflow and there are so many posts I want to read, but....can't get the energy...I have my pets (sshh...don't tell, okay!) and i try to visit them everyday. I'm just hoping that if i don't comment, that person has a stat-counter and can see that i was there, i just lurked. lurking is good.
have a great weekend, luv!!

(still trying to do the! you should have told me how hard it was to pick!! :-D)

Jason, as himself said...

Just another sick way to fuel the blogging many followers will I have today?

GreerAnn said...

Following is a beautiful thing.

Persnickety Ticker said...

I usually only comment when I have something witty or funny to say.

Ummm...drawing a blank today.

But I did want to say thank you for being one of my 21 followers. I love each and every one of you...because one or more of you guys has been clicking on my google ads lately and CHACHING! I have made a whole 6 bucks! (hehehehe-Taco Bell here I come!)

I follow all of my followers and then about 20 more. I try to keep it manageable. If a blogger hasn't posted in months, they get moved to a favorites file to make room for me to follow someone else.

I spend waaaay to much time blogging and reading blogs as it is. I couldn't imagine following 100's of blogs...whew!

Ooops. I kinda went all ADD there. Back to the original thought...THANKS for reading and following and commenting regularly!!

BeautifulWreck said...

O, I found this so funny. I wasn't able to do the follow thing on my other blog but now that I am on blogger, I am an adding fool.

sista #2 said...

Follower hell.....roflmao


DysFUNctional Mom said...

It's totally addicting, isn't it?