Monday, June 16, 2008


Memory Monday just became Quick Post Friday - I'll figure it all out next week maybe...
Back from a stellar weekend - thanks to all of you for letting me rant without condemning me. For cheering me on. For reminding me that my kids will choose my nursing home (DF)... (Oh and no worries on the "posting hi-jack" carol P - loved your comment. Sadly, Ex doesn't get that excuse. He is generous to a fault....with others...)

Funny that with that rant I am now able to release those feelings and move on. The peace that is within permeates. My job is crazy which actually makes me happy. My friends are close. My spiritual path improves. My cousin JO is reported to be nearing the neighborhood. Life is indeed rich and blessed.

And I have great yogurt.... who could ask for anything more?!


San Diego Momma said...

I'm so glad your weekend turned out wonderful. AND you've got a great attitude. Can I have some of that?????


laurie said...

ranting always makes things better.