Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Mosaic

OK Stephanie at BadMom just got me to waste spend an entire afternoon figuring this out. Creating the mosaic was fun. Figuring out how to post it? NO not priceless - about 1.5 hours worth. I am so inept. (and I quote "Set up an account [at flickr] it's quick and easy!" HA). Anyway, it is cool and here you go. Somehow I'm supposed to add the original picture titles to give the authors credit. OK I'll try!

First, here's the directions:
1. Answer each of the questions below.
2. Go to Flickr and type your answers (one at a time) into the search bar.
3. From the choice of pictures shown only on the first page, click on the one that moves you.
4. When the page with your picture opens, copy the URL.
5. Now go to the Mosaic Maker at Big Huge Labs and paste your URLs as prompted.
6. Click “Create” - it is SO exciting!

(I wish I could make this bigger but I have no freakin' idea how so it will have to be small....)

These are the titles that go along with my photos - the link will take you to the original (OMG I cannot believe this worked. I guess I AM learning!)

1. The Mary Ellen, 2. "I, PiĆ³rko, like Cheese!", 3. Ballinskelligs Bay, 4. The Chesil Beach at Portland - Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site, 5. Matthew McConaughey, 6. Stormy Coast, 7. Indigo & Aqua, 8. Photo laide et sans but (pour les chacaux laids et sans but), 9. Blue Horizon, 10. When Waves Collide, 11. Time And Tide Wait For No Man, 12. 085 Caesar the Parrot Came for a Visit

Whew. I really have to get OUT of the house now! I have been on this computer for 36 days 36 hours so long my butt is asleep too long...


Karen said...

I've been seeing these everywhere, I may have to try it.
Now if I am counting correctly, we have similar tastes in decorating, both love diet coke, you want to move to my home state and we both love Matthew. Ahhh we are a match made in blogger heaven!
Glad you found my open house post and commented. I'm having fun reading your story.

JO said...

Hey Girlie Girl, I will have to let you in on my secret - mosaics are pretty easy with Picasa (a google product). I can create and post in under..well..five minutes (that was how long it took for my first one!)

If I remember my html which I haven't done in a LONG time, you can check it out Here

dkuroiwa said...

Hey!!! THAT is MY matthew, thank you very much!!! :-D
If you go and use Picasa, any picture you use on Blogger is automatically saved into an account! I have to go and clean that "album" out as it has about 500 pictures in it!!
I'm going to go to jo and see how she did the mosaic using Picasa...can't figure that one out!!!
Gosh...isn't it amazing the things you can learn from people just by blogging!!!
have a great weekend!!!

Manager Mom said...

I really liked this meme, and I don't like most of them. But I am way too stupid to figure it out...

JO said...

Comin Back over to give the directions on Mosaics in Picasa!(I already emailed dkuroiwa - but thought others might be interested!) Oh, and DK is correct - Picasa saves the pics up into blogger - makes blogging pics WAY easy!. (I just love clicking "blog this" and the pictures jumping up on their own!)

Here ya go on the directions to make a mosaic in Picasa:

1. Open Picasa

2. Select several pictures (keep it fairly even numbered so that the mosaic doesn't repeat pics!) by holding down the CTRL key and clicking on the pics you want in a single album. If you want pictures from multiple albums. Click and hold on the picture and drag it to the picture tray where you drop it (The picture tray is in the lower left hand corner!)

3. When you have your pics (Picasa will handle up to 100 for one mosaic or as little as two!), click on CREATE. Then Click on COLLAGE. Under the first Pull Down, select PICTURE GRID. Leave the other setting the same ("Current Folder").

4. Click CREATE and you are done! There it is!

If you have a large number of pictures you wish to put into a collage, and you want them in a more specific order (Picasa likes things in date order a lot of the time), create an album (File, New Album) and drag the pictures into it that you wish and order them there. Then you can easily select the entire album by selecting the name of the album from the library and follow steps 3 and 4 above.

Hen said...

Thanks for popping by!

I am so glad you struggled with the mosaic thing - I thought it was just me being stupid and tech-NO!


just jamie said...

I did this too, and knowing just how long it took me, I will spend an extra amount of time checking yours out. Ya' know, so it really gets appreciated.

Love the blue tones, the mouse and cheese, and hello? Hunkie Matt M.

Good job!

The Girl Next Door said...

Thanks JO for helping us all out. I do have Picasa, but sometimes when I click on "blog this" it gives me fits. I find it easier to upload the photos than figure out what my Picasa problem is (part of it is I wiped out my passwords and can't remember which of the 7 email addresses I have that I used or what the darned pw might be....) TOO MUCH TECHNOLOGY!!!!!

Glad you understand it. Must be because you are so much younger than I. (I thought I'd rub it into myself for you. 3 weeks - big deal!!!!!)