Sunday, June 29, 2008

Unexpected Bonus of Blogging

It was Saturday morning and I had a lot of things on my "to do" list. No kids this weekend, so let's tackle projects. First, let's tackle the newest issue of my newly leaking ceiling. Then let's do a quick check of some blogs......2 hours later I am in a completely different frame of mind.

Although I've been blogging on my other site for a while, that was just a small thing written mostly for family. I never made attempts to reach out to the masses - indeed I "delisted" it so it wouldn't come up in searches. I didn't go all the way private b/c of extended family. I did have the unexpected bonus there of "getting to know" my cousins again - and getting awesome glimpses in their lives. But I thought that was just a family thing....I couldn't make such a connection with total strangers in cyberspace...could I??

And this new site - just since April 2008 - has a whole different purpose from that other one. Part therapy, part relationship saver (I decided Friend had received enough earfuls about EX and would soon be heading for the hills if I didn't find another way to rant...), part creative outlet, part I don't know what.

I now know what the "other what" is. Friends. A connection. Support. Amazing people.

As some of my "regular" friends have noticed, I have lucked into a group of blogging friends from all over the world. Literally. A bunch of them seem to be true-life friends in San Diego. I am jealous of them and their circle. They are so cool. (Lest you think I'm an outcast, I do have friends here - in fact went to ladies night at the pool Saturday with my favorite friend Jenny and our neighborhood buds, which should be another post "Ladies Night in the Locker Room Because of Storm" You had to be there...). And there is "Dkuroiwa" over at ETC. ETC. ETC. who not only comments on my blog, but also sends me emails about comments on her blog and has become someone on my "want to meet" list. I also get emails from other bloggers, sometimes responding to a comment I've left, sometimes answering a question on my blog. This is all an unexpected bonus to the blogging world I've entered.

Perhaps I'm sappy, perhaps you think I'm in need of professional help (ya think?!), but these blogging friends somehow fill a void that I didn't even know existed. I suppose a part of me suspected it existed and thought that blogging could fill it. My professional life has introduced me to viral marketing and YouTube and Blogging for business purposes, so I am not completely uneducated about these things. And I think part of me wanted to try this blog thing to see if I could reach out to the world, if strangers would stop by and read my blah blah blah. Am I funny (like my friends claim and I think they're just being nice) or just annoying (like Ex said)? But did I expect to fall so fast for these virtual friends? Did I expect to have to run to the computer each morning and see how Jenn is doing, or what funny thing Katy is up to or what rockin idea Mrs. G has or where Manager Mom is in her life or if Suz has another chapter in her life posted or what's going on with those Dogs at Three Dog blog or what Cheri or Mama Milton or Persnicky ticker or We Make Three has to say? And Tootsie Farkelpants - who comes up with names like that?! Her header alone cracks me up every single time I visit. Oh the list goes on and on. (I haven't created much of a blogroll b/c I haven't gotten their permission, and I think that's a blogging etiquette thing you're supposed to do...)

OK so now you're calling in those men with white coats or feeling terribly sad for me that my life is so pathetic. NO wait. I do have a great job and wonderful friends and, let me tell you, the most amazing family in the whole world. I know some of you dread visiting your parents/families. Meanwhile I'm trying to convince them all to move to Florida with me and would like to live on the same street with them!! So it's not that I'm the next Uni-Bomber or anything.

But this Blogging thing? Maybe I'm just coming to the realization that many people have come to long before now, and my "awakening" is, like many other things in my life, coming late. Better late than never, eh? Blogging is ridiculously popular. People have been doing this for years. I actually met someone recently (a younger than 50 someone) who had never heard of the "blogging thing" and asked me what that was! So I'm not as late to the party as I thought. But I digress...

I guess this is a shout out to all the folks who stop by here - my family, my friends, and my fellow Bloggers. You do make a difference in my life. And I'm glad I've found all of you. And as Friend will tell you, I spend wayyy too much time blogging, reading, thinking, creating, posting. Although from what I read on my blogging friends' pages, this seems to be a common affliction...

Peace my friends. And thanks for stopping by. Now leave me a comment darn it!!


dkuroiwa said...

Too freakin' weird to see my name in someone else's post!!! Thanks for the honor!!! love it!! and because of you Ihave a new "go to" person for picasa picturesa and one more blog on my GoogleREader...your lovely cousin!!!
The whole blogging thing has truly saved me. I feel so damn far away from "the real world" at times, and all those people you mentioned, plus yourself and a few others help keep me grounded...keep me sane...and not as homesick as I used to get.
Like you...I probably spend waaay too much time, sitting on my ass in front of the computer...but...for me and my well-being, it is time well spent!!
What I also like is the support and encouragement that comes from putting it "out there". I have friends here who help...but knowing that other people "got my back", makes me feel pretty damn good.
I think that next summer YOU and I need to meet in SandDiego with those bitches out there and have some fun!!! Good plan?? :-D too!!
Have a great week!!!

myra said...

First, if you ever decide to move the fam to Florida, you must call me first. I live here and know all the best beaches.

And B, you are one of the blogs I can't wait to read each night. You amaze me with your independence and sheer fortitude! I count you among the people in the blogsphere that I'd love to meet.

JO said...

Speaking as someone who HAS met this wonderful chick who lives next door 2 her ex and still manages to stay sane - y'all are in for a treat when you finally catch up to this dynamo! (And Girl Next door - sometimes you don't give yourself enough credit - you are an incredible girl, a great friend, an amazing lawyer, an awesome Mom, and a great blogread! I, like Myra, can't wait to read each installment! You are my online and real life SisterChick - even if we haven't managed to take on an adventure or two since our younger days (let's head to Teklas and pick up some penny candy - then give Poppie a heart attack clamoring over the hill one more time - if only in our memories!)

suz said...

You are so silly...and I agree with you completly on all your points!!!
The blogroll thing...I did not know there was etiquette rules here. And I am a big etiquette girl. If I like to read them...I put them on my blogroll. Sorry. :)

When you move to FL let me know....

Sometimes strangers can be your friends...they are unbiased and can give downright truthful advice. right?

Sherry said...

My husband's ex lived a mile from us. I couldn't imagine having to live next door to her!

Love your blog. Keep on keeping on!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I'm so with you on the filling a void you didn't know you had. I think most of us have very busy and fulfilling real lives, but who doesn't have room in their lives for more friends.

And seriously, if you ever want to come to San Diego, you are more than welcome to stay with me and party with the crew. To take these blog friendships and turn them into real life friendships has been just amazing.

Mrs. G. said...

Connecting is connecting-it all counts. I think it is so cool to be energized about writing of any kind-it feels good to be creative. Those San Diego girls are pretty wicked.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

I enjoy blogging SO much.... hard to believe a year ago I really knew next to nothing about the blogosphere.... now I can't imagine a day going by without reading my blogs (maybe a 12 step program is in order?) :-)

Ironically, I put a very similar post up on my blog just the other day, about "Why we blog".... (clearly, Brilliant Minds think alike...) :-)

dirtft said...

Yeah, you are pretty awesome. Though I don't get to give you my potatoes for eating my brocolli, (yes, you have gotten better at negotiating) and we can't always chat between our clients-this has been a great way to keep up with what's going in that pretty little head of yours. Sometimes it reads like M Night Shyamalan, sometimes like Dr Suess, but ALWAYS like you.
My ex lives 1500 miles away and if it wasn't detrimental to my son's mental health I'd say she could move another 1500 miles west (somewhere in the Pacific without a life raft)
Glad you are finding friends out there, as well as yourself.

San Diego Momma said...

You're so right. Blogging has become enriching in ways I never even dreamed. I am honored to be a part of the San Diego crew, but overall, I'm lucky to count myself among this amazing group of women I've met all over the world.

Blogging the way we do, has allowed us to keep in regular, real, honest communication with each other, and that always foster the best relationships.

I love your heartfelt post. I also love the bloggers you called out, they're wonderful.


laurie said...

heh. i totally understand what you're saying. i blog because i love to write, but writers need an audience. and blogging has found me one.

and, like you, it's become more than's become friends. when someone doesn't stop by for a while, i worry (about them--and also about me: did i offend?)

it's fascinating, isn't it, to find like souls all across the world.

Persnickety Ticker said... said so much of what and how I feel! I never knew this blogging thing could be such a release and an addiction at the same time. For whatever reason, it has filled my void also. Thank you so much for reading me, as well as sharing so that I can be a "part of your life." You are definately on my short list of people I would like to meet one day. If you do come to Florida, you have a place to stay in Jacksonville/St. Augustine. Love ya' Girl!

see you there! said...

Blogging and e-mail has saved me a fortune in postage, I used to be a prolific letter writer. I enjoy reading a variety of blogs although most bloggers are, um, younger than I am so our issues aren't always the same.


Feisty Irish Wench said...

Well seeing as how I'm a mere 10 miles from Persnickety, I'd say come to Florida. I can't offer a couch for crashing, as I actually LACK one now (there was indeed a blog post about that one), and my children would balk about being evicted from their beds. However, I absolutely LOVE going to St. Augustine and would gladly attempt tour guide-esque things to make the visit interesting. Of course there's always the fact that Persnickety and I are of an Aquarius persuasion & that alone would keep things interesting.