Monday, June 30, 2008

Memory Monday - GAK

DATE: Late 1987-early 1988
ON THE SCENE: The Girl Next Door (TGND) and her College Roommate (CR)
Under the heading of "Brilliant observations from my roommate that I was too young and stupid to recognize..."

CR: (a normally very non-violent and calm person) "Gak Gak Gak" if I hear one more word about GAK I'm going to hit somebody!
TGND: (befuddled) GAK? What's GAK?
CR: the Gospel According to ken (aka EX). I don't give a rat's ass what KEN thinks. You are an intelligent, educated woman. What do YOU think??

Yeah, apparently I used to go around most of my senior year of college (we were engaged in September of my senior year) saying, "Ken says.... Ken says...." and it drove them crazy. HEY CR you'll be glad to know I've finally learned to think for myself!

And GAK still cracks me up...

Better late than never! (I seem to be saying that a lot lately)


Karen said...

GAK I love that! It's so much better than WW?D. I'm stealing it!

suz said...

That is funny. Sorry. CR did have the insight before you did.
BETTER late THAN never. Right on.

Alice said...

I'm with Karen and stealing GAK to use in my life! ; )

katydidnot said...


myra said...

not only are you brilliant, i love how you can look at your past and find the humor.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

GAB. That was my high-school mantra. Excellent post!