Friday, October 3, 2008

Missed the Darned Debates - and Lots of other things this week...

So what happened to "Prompt Tuesday" and maybe an Ass Wednesday and somethin'somethin' Thursday and how the hell did I miss the Debate I really wanted to Watch? LIFE happened, something like this:

  • Monday night received unexpected response from opposing party in litigation, dialing up the pressure by a week. All the crazy hours I thought I'd be working NEXT week? All the Experts I lined up for Next week? HA add them to this week
  • Remember that you're the only associate paying attention to another case that has a filing (or three) due ....OOPS this week. Friday. Tuesday morning get help immediately on that
  • Kids in tow this week
  • Attend Daughter's Soccer Game Tuesday way the hell over in another state. Take Daughter to dinner, lose it with coach who makes the mommies and daddies walk over to the field to individually claim child after the game. This means walking around the gravel track in my heels and dodging warm-up soccer balls in the next game in my heels to claim a daughter who is old enough to drive and who leaves other games and practices when dismissed. No, he wouldn't allow them to point us out (he knows us all) in the stands across the field as we all waved at him and said, "Let My People Go." Nope, we had to go over individually. What are they, 5? Oh but Coach let the girls who were not leaving with parents (who would be taking the bus home after the Varsity game) walk across the 6 lane highway to go to Panera for dinner. I know because they came in behind us about 10 minutes later. Let Daughter drive home - around the famed "beltway" into a hail storm with swirling clouds approaching. Cannot see white lines. Daughter declares it "cool." I wonder if I am not insane letting her drive until I realize her eyesight is tons better than mine so probably better she's driving in the dark, driving hailstorm than blind momma.
  • Wednesday, driving frantically late to get Son from Cross Country practice, get unbelievably calm yet urgent call from Daughter reporting that Ex's Dog has been hit by a car while Ex is out of town, no one is around, she's going to get in the car with a stranger to go to the Doggy Hospital and can I meet her there please? then CLICK hang up. Can't get her to answer her phone. Call every neighbor, no one is home. Call a couple friends and tell story and they agree: Call 911 and report abducted Daughter. 911 puts me on hold. Then 911 tells me to pull over and wait "somewhere" for a police officer to come take my statement. "UH CAN YOU MEET ME at the doggy hospital in the event she shows up there?!" "NO we have to meet you now." OK thanks but no thanks I'm going to go find my Daughter. FINALLY Daughter calls me - didn't have her phone, left it in house when she ran out chasing runaway dog as 2 other dogs followed suit. Ex's dog going to live, but likely needs surgery on broken leg. Call Ex after diagnosis, volunteer to stay home next day from frantic job to watch Dumb Runaway Dog. Ex. not particularly thankful or communicative. DRD must go to vet next day anyway to stay. So much of a story here.
  • Spend 14 hours Thursday frantically writing motions, doing research, making calls, while watching Dogs and juggling Life. Realize haven't posted or read blogs in days. Realize it is nearly 2 a.m. I have missed debates and I should go to bed....but first I have one more project to finish before morning.


At least I have a job in this "economy" so I am not really complaining!!!!!!!


DysFUNctional Mom said...

I'm thinking ex's dog isn't so dumb. If you were ex's dog....WWYD? LOL
I'm glad he's ok and your daughter wasn't really stolen!

Suz said...

I like dysfunctional Moms comment. Ditto.
You have had a week from hell. That is not good. This is not good for your health. Does not sound like you are getting any rest. you know we need our beauty sleep right??
The coach thing is crazy.
Take care. Take a deep breath. Enjoy and try to slow down a bit...if you can.

Carol P. said...

Some weeks are just magnets for trouble, aren't they? They acquire critical mass and suddenly Every.Single.Thing is going in a different direction than expected. Then the mangneto-storm lifts and things go back to how they were. Until the next disturbance in The Force, anyway.

ChiTown Girl said...

I hope you're able to kick back a little over the weekend. I plan to get sloppy drunk tonight (to celebrate the ex getting married to the homewrecking whore tonight!) so I'll have a drink for you!!

TinkerDoodle said...

You Didnt Say how did Daughter's Game go?

Persnickety Ticker said...

Wow...just reading that blog entry made me exhausted.

Oh, and personally? I would tell that coach to suck my left testicle.

( imaginary one, anyway.)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Your daughter should just pretend she's driving herself home--that's totally idiotic.

You've got some good karma coming from the dog thing.

Myra said...

A job in this economy. A job in this economy. That's what I keep telling myself too. Let's pinch ourselves. We're lucky, right? Hang on friend. You'll get through this.