Friday, October 17, 2008

Playing Tag

I have once again been tagged (actually double-tagged b/c I am slow...) because for some reason people seem to want to know random things about me. And I am happy to oblige. This one comes from the Jason Show (laughter amid difficult times - genius) and Big Hair Envy - how could this Girl Next Door who was stuck in the 80's for so long not totally dig a blog with a name like that?!!

Here's the deal:

1. My whole life I've tried to learn to raise 1 eyebrow. My sis-in-law can and it's quite intimidating. My BFF in high school could and tormented me with it. Now Daughter does it to me. So. Not. Fair.

2. I like to eat my food separately. don't mix stuff up. This includes my hot fudge sundae - scoop off the sprinkles, then eat the whipped cream then the fudge then the ice cream. And those cottage cheese mixables with the yummy sugary "fruit" topping? Yeah first I eat the cottage cheese (which is another weird fact that I LOVE the stuff) and then the "fruit" topping.

3. I am a master procrastinator. How long will it take me to do something? As long as you give me, plus 1 minute.

4. I am a sucker for trite, sappy, romantic things, even those that are commercially driven. Flowers will get you on my good side and all will be forgiven. Add chocolate and you own me... but forget Valentine's day and you will forever have a black mark on your record that cannot be expunged.

5. I love to mush up candy corn in my mouth and make it into a disgusting syrupy paste before swallowing. I learned this in law school from a classmate when I thought that just candy corn alone was nirvana.

6. I know when I am drunk because I can't feel my teeth.

7. I like to sleep diagonally or sideways on the bed (which is why I require a king sized bed).

Now the hard part - tagging people. Different people. I haven't had time to read much lately and have been struggling with posting. Forgive me if I don't tell you why I'm tagging these folks - just go check them out for yourself!

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ChiTown Girl said...

Thanks, Girl!! That makes three tags in one week. People can NOT be that interested in my life! ;-) But, I will oblige you as soon as I get home from school later!

Karen said...

Okay, apparently I'm slow too. I've now been doubly tagged for this one. I better get moving on it before I get hit again. Hee hee!

And I know when I'm drunk because I can't feel my nose.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

These are awesome randomlogical things about you. (Heh. I just made up that word: randomological.) I especially like what you do with candy corn. I do a similar thing with M&Ms and popcorn. Chew, but don't swallow two plain M&Ms, then place one or two pieces of popcorn in mouth, chew, then swallow. Yum. Chocolatey popcorn goodness.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Candy corn--yum!

I know I'm drunk when I try to put on my seat belt when I'm using the toilet.

The Girl Next Door said...

I was a little afraid to make the drunk comment, but so glad I did. jenn that made me laugh out loud on an otherwise not very funny day!!! thanks!

Big Hair Envy said...

Those were fun to read! I like to mix my food together. I try to work it so the last bite contains a little of everything on my plate.

Have you seen the new chocolate-caramel candy corn??

Cottage cheese is food of the gods. I eat it all the time.

I know when my sister is drunk because her top lip curls up - it looks like she is wearing invisible braces!!

hulagirlatheart said...

Honest truth? I know I'm drunk when I start telling people what I think about them. As in "You look like a whore" a complete stranger. Hubby drove me home immediately after that one.

I'll play along on this one.

Katy said...

Don't you just melt for those DeBeers diamond commercials??? They get me every time.

I did my homework (aka your tag) so now seven more strange things are out there for the internet to read and laugh at me about. Thanks a lot. ;-)