Friday, October 24, 2008

What a difference a Day makes

Don't ask me why I'm posting this from work at 1 a.m. Something about a pretrial order due and then deposition preparation and a trip to the midwest tomorrow. Oh but wait - there was the Associates' happy hour in between and the obligatory stop to say thanks to the outgoing chairwoman and chatting with friends and trading gossip and political info. Then back at the office a chat with BossMan and diving into the depths of the job, and relationships, and how lucky he is to have the wonderful relationship he has with his wife (she really rocks) and talk about clients and friends and family and futures. And then talk about some of our cases. And 2 hours go by and I still haven't gathered in triplicate the docs I need for my deposition tomorrow.

So here I am.

But First, I wanted to say what a difference a Day Makes. Last night on my way home, equally ridiculously late, Kenny Rogers came on the radio, "Through the Years." And stupid me, I didn't turn it off. Nope. I let it play. And of course cried like a stupid girl b/c that's how it was supposed to be but that's not how it is.

This morning dawned brightly and clearly. I put on my Big Girl Suit for a Big Girl Meeting with a certain Important Regulatory Body of the US Government. Feeling like a Big Girl Lawyer, particularly after Tuesday's Big Girl Argument in Federal District Court in which I pretty much beat up on the other side and had fun doing so, I was ready to rock. Anyway, on the drive in I put my iPod on shuffle, after loading up songs last night from old old CDs I finally loaded into my library. And what comes on? Gene Kelly and Singin' In the Rain. One of my alltime Favorite movies. And as I drive through the streets of DC I can see him splashing and dancing and enjoying life. And I thank God that I have a job I Love. I have a family that is awesome. I have a Special BF who gets me even though I don't know why he gets me. And Life Is Good.

And then a really old, well not really old, but old Christian Song comes on from my days of leading the children's choir when I listened to Christian CDs all the time (and liked myself a lot more in some ways): Phillips Craig and Dean "Blessing in the Thorn"

I read about a man of God
Who gloried in his weakness
And I wish that I could be
More like Him and less like me
Am I to blame for what I'm not
Or is pain the way God teaches me to grow
I need to know
When does the thorn become a blessing
When does the pain become a friend
When does the weakness make me stronger
When does my faith make me whole again
I want to feel His arms around me
In the middle of my raging storm
So that I can see the blessing in the thorn
I've heard it said the strength of Christ
Is perfect in my weakness
And the more that I go through
The more I prove the promise true
His love will go to any length
And reaches even now to where I am
But tell me once again
Lord, I have to ask You
On the cross You suffered through
Was there a time You ever doubted
What You already knew.
And I am reminded that the pain I feel - the pain of last night, the pain of some things I face daily, they are all a blessing. They are all what I need to be experiencing right now in order to Grow. And that I need to remember to turn to God in these times and He will help me through. It has been a long time since that turning to Him has been second nature. And I miss that in my life. And today, I feel very blessed indeed.


JO said...

Grin. Love ya GND! Let Him take the weight - of course you knew that - but sometimes He just has to grab it from you to make you listen!

From my "Daily Reminders from God" widget on my google home page today (I thought it was appropriate to ya right now)

My Joy I give you. Live in it. Bathe your Spirit in it. Reflect it.

ChiTown Girl said...

Wow, what a difference, for sure! I'm with you, I can't listen to that song (Through the Years) without sobbing. Silly, right? I'm glad you were able to find some comfort and peace in "Blessing in the Thorn." The lyrics are beautiful.

BTW, "Singing in the Rain" is seriously my all-time favorite movie! I own it on both VHS and DVD, and it's the first musical my son ever watched. He was probably two, and he LOVED it!! Of course, CSJ freaked a little when I told him we watched it like 5 times in two days. Naturally, that means I'm going to turn my son gay, didn't you know? My son STILL loves that movie. As a matter of fact, I think we may have to have a movie night tonight....

My word verification word is "grabu" and that's exactly what I'd like to do - grab you (and hug you, of course!)- for making me smile this morning! Have a great weekend!

BusyBeeSuz said...

Glad you are feeling better. Sometimes just the light of a new day, a new perspective can make a huge impact on your inner feelings. You are blessed with a great family, a fantastic job and of course the BF.
Love that you have such varied music too, that is cool.
take care,
have a great day...weekend....

OH, since CHI brought up her word verification here is mine:
pissing on.....what ever makes you unhappy. How about that???

big hair envy said...

I'll admit it. I still like Kenny Rogers!!!

If you have a chance, go over to Grandma J's site and check out her explanation of "Faith". It's just perfect.

Word Verification: nalful
and all full? Full of hope and optimism?

Persnickety Ticker said...

Sadly, after listening to that song, I just feel empty because I don't have a "Through the Years" person. But I'm not giving up. There's someone for everyone right?

Glad you like your job and have a great man. Now all you need is one less Ex-Next-Door and life would be peachy!

Jennifer said...

Such a difference! I love music, just for that reason. It brings on such moods that remind us how precious, simple and grand life is. So blessed.
Life here is the same, it's all a learning process. Constantly growing and changing. Some are harder then others but knowing that it's all worth it in the end is great help and knowing that God is by my side makes all the difference.
Love "Singing the Rain"!

Clippy Mat said...

that's nice.
not only are you cool, but you're not afraid to show your inner self.
i like it.
my word verification is susetin
suz eatin'?
she was just here before me. did she drop some crumbs??

dkuroiwa said...

You and I had kind of the same experience this week...well, I didn't go be fore a Federal Judge or anything like that BUT....having that reminder hit you so strongly that you aren't alone is something I can relate to. It happened to me on Wednesday! Amazing huh?
I'm going to print out the words to that song and then find it on YouTube...absolutely beautiful!!

Singing In The Rain!! I haven't watched that in such a long time...hmmm...maybe it's to the DVD rental shop for me later??
Have a great weekend!!!
I'm looking forward to hear about "whatever" happens on Sunday!! :-D

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

It sounds like you've been kicking some *ss. And working through stuff.

Make sure you come by today--I gave you some linky love.

Sugee Andersyn said...

That's an awesome post and I can totally relate. Life is a fight worth fighting.