Friday, October 10, 2008

Thanks for the Obvious


It's official - I have gained a lot of weight. Went for my rather overdue annual physical today. Yes, I am having avoidance issues. So the Dr. (a woman) says, "You've gained 10 pounds since your last physical. Not that you're fat, but wanted to make sure you knew that." OH GEE THANKS - NOPE IT DIDN'T OCCUR TO ME THAT THE ROLL OF SKIN HANGING OVER MY JEANS OR THE MYRIAD OF CLOTHES IN MY CLOSET THAT REQUIRE A CROW BAR TO GET THEM OVER MY BUTT HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH MY WEIGHT GAIN.

10 pounds when you're only 5' 4" is a lot.

Thanks Dr. Nice way to start the weekend.

My Ass Project '08 starts for REAL on Monday (see side bar). (Broccoli is in town for the weekend for World Cup Qualifying Match and there will be much beer and food consumed. And Yes I have a feeling the alcohol and food consumption might have something to do with my weight gain.....)


Big hair Envy said...

I'm right there with you sistah! 40-something, almost 5'4", ten pound (or more) weight gain, muffin top, blogger butt. You get the picture. As ugly as it may be. I just choose to avoid that annual thing for now because, once it's verbalized, I will have to do something about it! When do we start?

Thank goodness for cute shoes....and wine.

Jennifer said...

UGh. I'm with you. This week has been bad. Tons of good food in the fridge. It'd be a shame to let just sit and spoil.
We can do it! Right?

Suz said...

Amazing Dr. Obvious. Like you don't know what you weigh. I have the same closet as you....I keep saying if I only lost 5 little lbs I would have an entire new wardrobe. (well, not new,just not worn in a year or two)
yeah, 5'1 here....10 lbs is a lot!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Why is it that the things that equal fun (food, drink, blogging, etc.) also equal weight gain.

It's so not fair.

ChiTown Girl said...

Girl, welcome to the club!! I actually sometimes wish my doctor would say something about my morbid obesity, because then I'd have to stop pretending it didn't exist!! This summer, my brother and his girlfriend actually bought me an entire new wardrobe (Yes, I can take a hint!) and in the same week, my sister bought me two outfits. Gee, you think my family is trying to tell me something? I think the message is, "Hey, Lard Ass, accept that you're fat, and wear some clothes that fit you. Other than the sweats you're so fond of, that is!"

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Argh. The ass project (for me the abs project) is progressing in that mine is progressively g r o w i n g!

Katy said...

Right there with you girl. I have given up red wine for the foreseeable future (I KNOW!) in the hopes of losing my own growing muffin top.

Good luck!

Paranoid said...

Well, on the bright side, you're worrying about this now, and doing something about it. That in itself is no small thing.

Good for you for seeing the problem. And good for you for living an active lifestyle, even if that lifestyle isn't keeping you as trim as it used to. I don't know many adults who play soccer regularly and run marathons. You're an excellent role model.

ChiTown Girl said...

I'd love to learn a few more things about you, no matter how random or silly, so you've been tagged! Go to my blog for the scoop!

TinkerDoodle said...

Dont you just love the bed side manner these 5'3-1/4" I am vertically challenged and I am feeling the effects.