Thursday, September 4, 2008


Nothing like a little vindication to brighten up a crazy crabbyass day.

Girls Soccer coach at the kids' high school got FIRED. Classic case of "what goes around comes around." Karma at its best.

I shouldn't be so mean, I know, but you know what? He is a liar and takes advantage of people and situations. He was NOT a good example for the girls. I never understood why they kept him. OH wait that's right - he won championships. At what price?

For 2 years I put up with his lies. We put up with his lies. We went to camps and practices and games and volunteered yaddah yaddah yaddah. "Everyone gets new uniforms this year." Oh I meant just varsity. "I'm not going to recruit because I have a great class of JV players coming up." Oh did I just recruit 10 freshmen? "We are on the cover of scholastic magazine where we are featured as #1 in the country." We did have a nice spread inside the magazine - where we were ranked #35....just a smattering of examples.

And then this year, as Daughter is going through the ugly divorce stuff with 2 parents who don't exactly get along etc etc? I talked to coach over the summer to gauge her chances of varsity. At any other high school she would've been varsity as a freshman, but this high school has a killer team. (I didn't know that when we applied....silly me but she's there for the academics first). And I shared with him the troubles of home and all but said, "Whatever you do please keep her with her best friends." I knew he had recruited a bunch of awesome freshman from all over the state. OK. I'm not asking that she start. Despite starting for 2 years on JV and being high scorer. Just, you know, is there a spot for her with her other friends among the 22 varsity girls?

Apparently there was room for everyone but her. His idea of self-esteem training was to make her the only junior on JV - oh but at least she's captain.

Joke's on him. The varsity girls - those 10 freshman he's decided to start? well they are tying everyone, which isn't good enough for the money he's spent. and she's scoring goal after goal and leading the JV team to victories in their games. And having fun. While her junior friends sit on the bench and watch the freshmen lose the game. And the parents come up to me and want to know why she's playing JV. I just smile and say, "Got me." (I have long since given up trying to do something about it.)

And today he got fired. Rumors are he cussed one too many times in front of Fr. John. (it's a private, catholic school). Whatever he did, I'm glad he's gone. One girl who is particularly good and played on the national chapionship team interrupts him routinely during meetings and says, "Hey coach can you hurry it up? I want to go to Chipotle." She should be kicked off the team for such rude behavior. Oh no. He starts her. Because she's good. What are we teaching our kids?

I'm just glad he isn't teaching my kid anything anymore.

Oh yes I (along with the other sophmore parents) did try to rally the parents last year and wrote a group letter to the principle and the athletic director about the terrible coaching (he hired a JV coach who knew NOTHING about soccer but worked at a store where he could get discounts for Coach) and lack of support for the JV players. But he appeared untouchable.

Vindication. Daughter has the biggest smile on her face. Lesson learned. Watch that Karma.


Kalynne Pudner said...

Oh, I know exactly what you're talking about. It was all I could do not to throw a party when the club coach who told my daughter she'd never be anything but a goalie was unceremoniously fired, too. Why do we let such jerks wield such influence over our girls' lives? I hope your daughter continues to have a killer season, whether at JV, or whether the new coach pulls her up to varsity. Whichever way, have fun. Fun, I say! Dang right!

Persnickety Ticker said...

Ah Karma...I love that vindictive bitch more'n mah luggage!

She's been a busy girl, here lately. I just found out today that the horrible teacher that my daughter and I have had to put up with for over 2 years now is no longer going to be her teacher. She got 7 new students this year and is just so "overwhelmed" now that she has to keep track of 11 total, so she is shipping the oldest 4 off to another kindergarten (yay!)class.

I'd like to think my constant complaining had something to do with it but I know it is simply her ineptitude.

Yay for your good news! Hope things start looking up from here on out!

hulagirlatheart said...

As mama says, what goes around comes around. Sometimes it takes a long time, but it always feels soooo good when it finally rolls around.

Carol P. said...

Wooooooohooooooo! I can see the smile all the way across the country! No, wait, the sun's just coming up...

(And cynical me, I wondered if the coach put your daughter on the JV only because you talked with him about it. He sounds, er, charmingly and pettily vindictive).

dkuroiwa said...

Oh, but I do love a story that ends like this! How lucky you were to see the whole "what goes around, comes around" in action!!
Tell that girl of yours to just keep smiling...and having fun!!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Aaaah, the yin and the yang of youth sports. I'm glad it's working out finally.

Jennifer said...

Cudos to your girl for sticking through it. May her season continue to kick butt! I love soccer.


WOOHOO!! Sounds like that was a long time coming.