Friday, May 20, 2011

The Other Side of a Year

It seems like just yesterday we were saying goodbye.

Somehow I find myself back home with two kids and Chaos (not complaining!) and wondering where the year has gone.

Some striking changes: 

  • Son's maturity.  Suddenly he is putting others first.  On his first full day home, he mowed both lawns (without being asked) and completed numerous other tasks.  His attention to detail and initiative is amazing.  He has always been good about helping around the house, but this was pretty amazing.
  • Daughter's Diligence:  She has always been pretty organized - when she was about 7 she handed me a list one month before her birthday of people to invite, games to play, and food to serve.  But she has demonstrated a diligence to her school work and building her resume that I have never before witnessed.  Her grade point average is astounding to say the least, never mind the volunteering at the Humane Society and other volunteer activities.
  • Twin Love:  I wondered how they would be separated by many miles and many hours.  When they lived home, Son was a clinger, Daughter a Loner.  Turns out they skyped/texted/called each other at least daily.  When one was in crisis, the immediate call was to the Other.  I had hoped this day would come - they sometimes did it in high school, but not often.  I am thrilled they truly love and care about each other so much.  I figured they had it in them, but I'm so happy to see it proved out.
  • Children as Friends:  This is a tough one - I have always enjoyed doing activities with them, but as the parent you have to maintain the "responsible, authority figure."  The fact is, they've been away at school for a year, making decisions, staying out all night, "probably" doing slightly unlawful things.  They are not going to return home to the midnight curfew and choir boy lifestyle (ha ha I know they weren't choir boys in high school, but honestly they were pretty close).  I am trying to walk that balance of the new reality with "but you're in my house now."  This conflict of The College Student Returns Home is the Number One thing I've always heard college kids AND parents complain about - so far it is working for us - and I am LOVING hanging out with them even more!
Big changes are on the horizon, but I still can't share in the public forum yet.  Next year is sure to be rather momentous for all of us.  I can only hope that a year from now, I am again celebrating our strong bonds and our accomplishments!


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Every age and stage has its wonders--this one is no exception.

I CANNOT wait until my youngest son leaves in August and then comes home for Thanksgiving--that maturity thing is much needed right now!

ChiTown Girl said...'re such a tease!!! Since you won't share, I'll just have to speculate....

Will you be a married woman by next year? Oh, wait!! I new mom!! Ha, ok that one made me laugh out loud, cuz, wow, wouldn't that be something. Two in college and one on the way...actually, it sounds pretty good to ME...

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

We don't have a twin love thing with my two older kids, but they are so close in age and used to dress alike, so it almost counts. :-) When they were in middle and high school and had their own rooms, one would sometimes sleep in the other's room in a twin bed. Now they are both graduated from college and in August one is starting grad school and one is starting law school. They are still close and FaceTime is a much-used feature on their iPhones and iPads. :-)

Lola said...

Found you through Best Posts of the Week. Love your idea of listing frequent characters on your sidebar. I might do that when my blog is more developed. -Lola

Mrs. Tuna said...

Found you from the BPOW. Our daughter moved home but is continuing college. Curfew was the bane of our existence, my rules if she couldn't be home that was fine because I trusted her but she had to stay where ever she was. A bitter struggle but we've worked thru it.