Wednesday, May 4, 2011

More From My Hilarious Father (MHF) & Real Estate

Some of you may recall my previous post from My Hilarious Father.  Let me tell you, humor like his isn't a "just once" experience.  He has authorized me to share a few of his best stories with you.

Today's installment of MHF (My Hilarious Father) shares one of his many real estate experiences.

Dad was a realtor in a big small town in New England for oh...50 years?  He was well-known for the ethics class and real estate licensing classes he taught around the state and at the State University (you know, the Men's Basketball NCAA Championship school...a-hem..) I digress...

One day he did what a layman would say is "sold" a property - that is to say, his client made an offer that was to be accepted by the seller (but money had not yet changed hands.  Dad says a sale isn't a sale until title passes and money changes hands, but that's another story for another day).  But first the buyer wanted "his friend the lawyer" to look it over.  My Dad said, "Sure, why not."  My Dad, The Most Ethical Person Ever, would never give legal advice nor draft a contract without having a client give it to a lawyer, despite the fact that the lawyers always told him that Dad's contracts were better than theirs. 

So Buyer comes back to Dad and says, "My lawyer says I've offered too much."

My Dad calmly responded, "Gee that's interesting.  Mind if I call him myself?"

So Dad Calls Lawyer.

DAD:  Hey Lawyer, I'm a little hurt.


DAD:  You know I teach Real Estate Licensing classes, right?

LAWYER:  Yeah, I've heard you're the best and everyone loves your classes.

DAD:  Well, I'm a little hurt that when you got your Real Estate License you went to someone else's class.  Mind if I ask where you went?

LAWYER:  Uh.  Well, I don't have a Real Estate License.

DAD:  You Don't?  But my Buyer told me you gave him advice about the property and said he was offering too much?

LAWYER:  Oh.  Yeah. Wow.  Sorry.  I'll never do that again....

Dadism of the day, "Don't tell me how to practice Real Estate, and I won't tell you how to practice law."  (insert your own profession into "Real Estate").


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Your dad's 'da man!'

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Not only is your dad hilarious but he's brilliant too!

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Your dad is not to be messed with!