Thursday, February 19, 2009

You know you've had enough road tripping when...

You know you've been on the road too many times in recent months when:
  • you are happy to leave your Jr. Suite at the Michealangelo in NYC (it was a free upgrade - have you been to NYC lately? It's empty!),
  • you gladly walk away from sleeping "in" (til 630), going down to the fitness center and working out all by yourself for an hour,
  • then going back to your suite for a nice leisurely shower,
  • heading down to the lobby at 830 (decadent - I'm usually at my desk by 8am!)
  • to meet the BossMan, enjoy an outrageous cup of Tuscan Coffee (I don't even like coffee and I am dreamily thinking of marrying this coffee...)
  • and then head to your company's NYC office at 9 where they ply you with unlimited free diet cokes.
Yes you gladly pack this stuff up and head home....

  • Home to a cold house where you've turned the heat down to 61 to save money;
  • Home to a smelly fridge where the chicken you bought last week but never cooked is waiting for garbage day (which you missed while in NYC);
  • Home to clothes that need unpacking;
  • Home to bills that need paying;
  • Home where you have to get up at 5am if you hope to work out b/c you have to get out the door with the kids by 7am for school.

Ah yes, but it is your home and you are glad to be here. Smelly chicken and all....


ChiTown Girl said...

Oh holy hell! There is absolutely NOTHING worse than the smell of chicken that's gone bad! I am so sorry you had to come home to that! :(

Saucy said...

Home really is sweet (and smelly) but the best place to be!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Very nice. Nothing is better than home. Even cold, smelly, laundry filled homes. :)

Sugar Bear said...

I do know exactly what you mean! There truly is no place like home!

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

There is NOTHING as lovely as sliding into your OWN sheets, and putting your head on your OWN pillow.... I am 100% with you.
As much as I enjoy traveling, nothing is sweeter than coming home.
And hey - tomorrow is Saturday - you can turn OFF that alarm clock and sleep in - let yourself be awaked naturally by the sunshine.

Oh, and far as the rotting CHICKEN - boy do I have a story to share. In fact, it's so good, it's bloggable. It happened during the holidays. Several years ago... but it lives on in infamy. My huband and I refer to it as "The Ghost of Chicken Past"... (to be continued, SOON, on my blog...)

Jason, as himself said...

I really do love coming home, and then getting into my own bed.