Monday, August 18, 2008

Atlantic City Never Looked So Good

DATE: 8-8-08
PLACE: Atlantic City

It was the annual Sistah Act Tour 2008. There was mayhem and gnashing of jaws prior to the big departure, but alas we all arrived in Casino Town safely.

First stop - THE BEACH. Oh I thought we'd never get there. 3 sisters, much luggage, a 2nd rate hotel = herding cats. The water was cold, the beach a bit shelly, but the sun shined brightly and I HAD MY SISTERS!

(This is us Saturday night - see below)

Friday night called for some gambling. I hate gambling. I don't understand the slots and I'm too cheap to play craps, which is the game I love and understand. So I followed my sisters to the slots where I dumped in $10, promptly lost with no idea why, then dumped in $5. And this is what I got:

Yep. 2 cents.

gone are the days of hearing the lovely coins drop down in the bin. Now you get a ticket to cash in. Nope, I didn't bother to cash in this one!

Day 2, more beach. 5 glorious hours of beach. With a little stop to the deli counter/24 hour liquor store. Some Captain Morgan in our cokes and we enjoyed our book, watching the funny people, laughed at ourselves and generally had a good time.People watching is great in Atlantic City (or any city).

This photo speaks for itself (oh yes, me and my silly cell phone camera, we were at it again. I am a little bit crazy I guess....)

Off to the outlets for some shopping. How many pairs of flip flops can one girl buy? As many as needed...and oh I needed.

um, I mean, I needed the flip - flops. So I bought a couple pair. Really. That's all I did.

Saturday night I learned how to play slots - We Three Sisters Played simultaneously. Kind of like playing basketball-"PIG" but with the slot machine: "You have to Push the button with the left index finger," or "You have to use the right pinky," or, a few drinks in...."You have to push it with your nose," and then, to test how many drinks we had and still had coordination... "You have to pull the lever with your right foot" (see photo above of sisters). Good thing I was wearing flip flops.....

Where to go in 2009? Only Time Will Tell....

PS I didn't get the tattoo. ...and it's finally out of my system. I don't even want one. Hear that? It's my mom breathing a sigh of relief and thanking God.


DF said...

Try Tahoe or Reno for next year, unless it must be beach, then try Key West! Duvall street is full of funny people to see. Of course South Beach might be fun also. Then there is New Orleans, another great place with great food.

suz said...

looks like a great weekend.
Oh, the lady with the dragon nails....yuch....
Hope all is well now.

Paranoid said...

Oh, Tahoe and Reno are awesome! The lake is beautiful, and Reno is (I swear), even tackier than AC. Plus, you can almost always find a $2 craps table. So much fun.

And once again, I show my pathetic, indoor-child roots. I read your post and for the first time it dawned on me that yes, people actually do go to the beach in Atlantic City. When I was a kid, we never went there before dark. I thought everyone did that.

Mrs. G. said...

You and the sistahs now how to have some fun. I'm glad you guys had a blast.

dkuroiwa said...

Well that was just a lovely pair of flip-flops!! Holy smokes, Batman!
Atlantic City is one place I have always wanted to go....just to walk on the Boardwalk...but, I won't be wearing pink...or orange nails...and my hair will definitely look better!!!
Glad you had a great time!!!