Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Man Outside My Window

Lately I've been working a lot. Especially when I don't have the kids. I'm playing catch up from a veeerrrrrry sloooowwww beginning of the year (I have an annual billable quota that I'll never make this year, first time ever. But I'm doing my best to show them I'm trying to catch up).

I like being here early in the morning. It's quiet. I'm wide awake. No phones ring. No people making loud noises in the hall. No one is here for me to wander around and get distracted by as I stop in their office for gossip. (I admit it - I'm bad about that).

I used to like being here at night for the same reasons: quiet, no phones, nose down and work. Except for the wide awake part that I enjoy in the mornings - at night I get sleepy. But still, very productive time here at night.

Until last week. Now I am either going to 1) jump out my window [darn it doesn't open] 2) call 911 and report insanity-torture in the streets or 3) drop bocce balls off the roof on the MAN DOWN ON THE SIDEWALK WHO BANGS ON THE #$*^(!*& BARRELS FOR HOURS ON END. Over and Over and Over and Over and Over and Over. same noise. Overturned Home Depot containers. Bangy-bangy-bangdetty bang bang. etc.

I used to feel a little badly for the "street musicians." And I usually give them money when I walk by. But the DRUMMER???!!!! Every night. (today he started at noon!!) Over and Over. And Over and Over. I do NOT give him money. I want to go stand in front of him and yell, "DO NOT ENCOURAGE THIS MAN!!!" He has tremendous staying power. BossMan says Drummer Boy must be on drugs to have that much non-stop annoying energy.

So why don't I just go home and work? Because I will get distracted there (Olympics, laundry, photos, blogging, wine, peeping out my windows at the neighbor) and I won't get this FRICKIN BRIEF DONE that I really wanted to finish yesterday BUT I CAN'T CONCENTRATE WITH THE DAMNED FRICKIN' DRUMS!!

I keep thinking that eventually I'll tune him out, but NOPE he's still there. And I'm not one of those people who can put on background music and work. I am so A.D.D. Ugh.

So I will try for another hour to write with the incessant banging in the background.



suz said...

oh, horrible. He has to wear himself out eventually....right?
what kind of drugs can he be on?...really, what kind? give me a name.
kidding. I feel for you. I hope he goes away soon, very soon.
Maybe if he had to read MY blog each day, then he would be more depressed?

Carol P. said...

I love coding to pre-Baroque music, especially church music. Very flowing and smooth and in Latin so the words don't distract me. A good Kyrie or Gloria really gets me in flow. Even over the background noise of 3 children with friends over, wrestling and squabbling and playing right outside my office. Or maybe you can find some pure percussion music that he blends in with?

Hope that after most people have gone home, you can tune out Mr. Drummer one way or another.

The Girl Next Door said...

He finally stopped at 10:30 pm. About the time I was toast. Sigh.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I'm sure I would run screaming from the office pulling my hair out. I can't tolerate noise like that, let alone try and do quality work to it.

Good luck.

dirtft said...

Join him! Sing in the language of the Frikontiriide, find the backrhythm and demand 75% of the cut. Regardless of drugs he may be on, no one is not afraid of the Frikontiriied.

If you need language lessons call me...

Laura said...

One thing I picked up when I moved in with my very loud snoring husband...earplugs. I buy them in large quantities. It won't shut the noise out completely but it takes it down a notch and in my case lets me sleep!ubus