Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wednesday's Ass Project Update

Mrs. G had a great idea - take a shot of her ass, blog it and encourage us all to get down with her and get rid of these jiggly butts. And "Ass Project 08" was born (see the button on my side bar)

of course I lack the nerve to take a photo of my butt in granny pants. But that's why Mrs. G. rocks so hard.

And since Ass project '08 started and I vowed to get back to my exercise and all? How have I been doing? well....

I have rediscovered Hot Fudge Sundaes and gained another couple pounds. I don't think this is what Mrs. G had in mind.....

I did make a photo copy for Friend (sorry) Captain Rainman of my Ab Lounger workout book b/c he didn't have the book but had the lounger. We were going to encourage each other from 1000 miles away to get toned between meet-ups! He's doing treadmills and pushups and situps. And I'm eating Ice Cream. Hmmmmm.

OK SO TODAY I will really really really dive into the Ass Project. I can't let Mrs. G down! Or the Captain! By Next Wednesday when Captain Rainman Returns to my world to join me at BUFFETT (see countdown clock in sidebar) there WILL. BE. PROGRESS!!

Maybe I'll even take a photo...


HappyWifeHappyLife said...

OMG - I'm laughing so hard! It's been awhile since I've visited your blog and the first thing I see is ASS PROJECT UPDATE.... I'm thinking "Gee... apparently I've missed QUITE A LOT!!"

So, you're actually going to take a PHOTO of your posterior and post it on your blog for all the world to see?! So, this is like weight loss/exercise through self-humiliation?? LOL... :-)
I'm just teasing... hey, seriously, whatever works!
I've gained a good 5 lbs over the Summer so maybe I should consider joining this little (or in my case LARGE project)... but I'm afraid a photo of my posterior would emotionally SCAR people!

btw - how is the new puppy?

hulagirlatheart said...

Thanks for stopping by my site. We MUST be kindred spirits. I got my Buffett fix in St. Louis back in April, and it seems so long ago. Enjoy the concert!

This ASS PROJECT is the funniest thing I've seen in a while. Thanks for the laugh, and stop by my place anytime. The margaritas are always cold there.

dkuroiwa said...

Okay...so you are inspiring me to get off my ass and get serious! I've been doing really good on my diet, but...no post of my bootie..yet.~~sigh~~I'm just going to have to join everyone else and just do it!!!

oh...and you and hulagirl...both of you...kiss my (shrinking) ass! I'm probably one of JimmyB's biggest fans and have I seen a concert? NOOOOOOOOO!!! and I'm oh so sad. I so wanna go....I have my coconut bra and grass skirt!!
yeah yeah yeah...have a good time.

Sugar said...

Ass Project? Oh my! It's inspired, that's for sure! I have been doing the opposite for the last several weeks, seems like. Well, actually, I finally got my ass back to running and hiking. I got lazy over the summer... But hey... so jealous about the Buffet Party! He usually shows up in Orange County in September or October. I used to go with a big group of friends every year. Haven't done that in a LONG time.

Hmmm... Maybe I'll go with you. Where do you live??? ;) hahaha

myra said...

Ass project? I am way too sensitive about it to post. But I did get a trainer, and I'm starting to get serious since 40 is looming.

Katy said...

This is SO on topic I can hardly stand it.

I gave you a KICK ASS blogger award, check out my blog. So kick more ass, or photograph it, whatever floats your boat. ;-)