Monday, August 4, 2008

You cut your toe you say?

Periodically, I have read posts on other blogs about "how people found my site" and the funny google searches that got them to your site.

Up until today I haven't really had anything funny. Most of them, not surprisingly, have to do with "ex-es" as in their birthday or some such thing. Nothing really hilarious. Oh and yeah the Boob post will bring up the occasional search.

Today someone found me with this, "I cut my toe on the side door how do I keep it clean."

I don't have a fancy site meter, so I don't know which post got caught in that search. I'm almost afraid to ask.

I hope whoever it was found the medical advice they need. Somewhere else. And perhaps at least got amused along the way!

Yes yes I know it's Memory Monday - that post will come later today. Or late tonight. for now, I just had to share!


Alice said...

People search for the craziest stuff.

Come on 'cut toe person'! Put some freakin' Neosporin and a bandaid on it!

suz said...

That is so funny. I do hope they get the help they need.
I have the sitmeter, but it does not let me see how people found me....some sort of bug/flaw I suppose.

dkuroiwa said...

Somewhere in the set-up of either the blog or the sitemeter, I had to click if I wanted people to be able to search to find thinks I clicked so they can't. The sitemeter is fun to see how many people a day come to visit and from where....There was someone from Spain one time! a) How cool is that? and b) the hell did she find me? :-D

"cut toe person"....sounds like someone just needing some love and attention!! :-D

Amy said...

That's funny. I look at my sitemeter occassionally too to see what searches I was found in too and I still haven't had anything interesting pop up!

just jamie said...

How, oh how do you find out what people have searched for? Something to do with Google Analytics I've heard, but I can't seem to figure it out.

And the toe thing. Um, a band-aid?