Thursday, October 14, 2010

Memories Amid the Rubble

Two Mismatched Earrings in the Bathroom.

Wet Towels on the Bed.

One Piece of Pumpkin bread and 1/2 a serving of Chicken Marsala.

The oily plate with crumbs from Tortilla Espanola.

Shoes in the Kitchen.

flip flops everywhere.

The playing cards out on the counter.

Trundle Bed pulled out.

Wires where the XBOX was.

Dirty Clothes you don't need before Thanksgiving.

Ooops what's that - a cell phone?

Going from room to room, picking up the pieces the two of you left behind. If I listen I can almost hear the ruckus of you and your friends, singing, dancing, teasing, telling jokes, playing games, making me laugh. This looks nothing like it did Thursday night before your arrival when freshly baked favorites awaited your arrival, everything vacuumed, cleaned and polished. (And yes, you noticed!!) Now it's Tuesday and you've both left - one in a car, one on a plane. I know you'll be back in 5 weeks, but the silence? It's deafening....


Gigi said...

I can only imagine how deafening that silence must be.

ChiTown Girl said...

aw...this just made me sad...

sending you {{{hugs}}}

Busy Bee Suz said...

I am so glad they were both able to come home and see YOU!!!!!
You have 5 weeks to clean that stuff up. :)

TAG said...

Ah yes, that first Fall Break. Gotta love it.

My guess is they are beginning to see and better appreciate all the things that mom used to do for them when they lived at home.

Funny isn't it how much smarter you became during their first few weeks away from home? That is a trend that will continue. It's almost like someone throws a "get smarter" switch on ole mom and dad the day the child leaves the nest for the first time.


yogurt said...


and fall break? why didn't they have those when I was in college?