Friday, November 21, 2008

What a Wicked Week

Resorting to Random Posting that isn't even very funny or entertaining....but I'm way behind and leaving town again...

  • Ex drops an email bomb that gee, he might move to Florida like, next week and how would I feel about that and I'd just handle the kids and all right ? Which led to an actual telephone conversation (we only communicate by email) in which he decided that maybe he'd think about moving a little more. Oh but first he asked the kids if they might like to move to Florida with him. And then my head exploded....fortunately, they laughed at him so I didn't really have to do much about that except say, "Interesting that you would've asked THEM before discussing the idea with ME. But then I should expect as much." Nuf Said

  • Put on my big girl suit again (twice in a month!) and got to argue in Court again! That might sound weird, but in my legal field we don't get to court much and when we do, usually the Partners get the fun. And it's always great when the Judge starts the hearing by saying to the other side, "Now they [me] don't have a real high bar here. And I think they pretty much meet their burden. So what do you have to say about that?" Yeah it was a good day. Winning is fun.

  • Had all THREE dogs to myself Wednesday night - the night before the big hearing (above) - kids were on a school retreat, Ex out of town. Queen Bee always sleeps in my bed and, well, Stinky does if she's around. So I couldn't very well leave Dumb Runaway Dog (DRD) out now, could I? So 3 dogs in bed. With me. And a bone that DRD smuggled in. And at 2 a.m. they apparently got the call to go DANCING b/c DRD and Stinky started bouncing and dancing in the bed. Just for the hell of it. 2 a.m. Queen Bee? Slept through it all....

  • Spent 2 hours trying to log on to my work computer this morning. TWO HOURS WITH the help of Tech Support (katydidnot - I think I need to borrow your BF!) The problem? A problem with my "Network profile" which should have been discovered in the first 15 seconds of my first call.....I even said, "Have you checked my profile?" (Yeah I have profile issues. Imagine that). Grrrrr.

  • So now that I've lost all the time I should've been working, I'm blogging. Yep. Life is like that.

  • Getting on a plane to go SOUTH to see the Captain tonight. Didn't hide the luggage from the kids like I usually do (they go back to Dad's tonight).

Son said, "Where you going?"

me "Florida."

SON: "Captain?"

Me: "YEP"

Son: "That's weird. you're too old to date. [snort]"

while Daughter's conversation went like this: "Where you going?" Me: Florida .......

Daughter? Anything? Anything at all? Oh pretending I don't exist. Ok. Thanks.

  • Daughter broke up with the BF - after almost 11 months. He is also Son's best Friend. And she didn't tell me until days later when I asked if she were still mad at him. It bothered me when she wouldn't tell me why she was mad at him - gone is the child who tells me everything. Now it takes 2 days to tell me he's history? Sigh. I guess she really is 16 isn't she? I guess I should be thankful for the 15 years of unending conversation and stop being a DQ.
  • And last BUT MOST CERTAINLY NOT LEAST THANK YOU BLOGGY (and bloggy/real-world) FRIENDS The response to this post below was amazing. I was feeling pretty stupid and now, well, I feel normal. Just the other day, I took a survey at 5 minutes for mom and they asked, "Why do you blog?" and my instant response, "Sanity and finding out that how I feel just might be 'normal.'" Once again, you all have come through. Thanks!!!!


Nancy said...

The email bomb? I'd wave and say buh-bye.

The Captain?
I have to go pilfer through your archives and get the scoop =)

TinkerDoodle said...

I find I blog for all the same reasons....and the bed animals do that also

ChiTown Girl said...

I'm with Nancy. I would have immediately replied, "Do you need a hand with all that packing? Better yet, can I pay for a moving company to do it for you, so it goes even faster?" But, then again, I'm a bitch.

Glad the kids laughed at him. Is it wrong that that made me smile?

As for the dogs, they would have been out in the yard before ANY of them were sleeping in MY bed! But, that's just me. Does ex plan to take DRD with him if/when he goes to Florida, or does he just assume you'll keep him? You know, cuz it's really "the kids' dog."

Sorry your daughter is going through that stage where Mom gets shut out. My son is getting there, but so far I'm still in the loop cuz I have absolutely no issues with reading his text messages and IM messages. Plus, every once in a while, he still spills his guts. Last night, as a matter of fact, I crawled into bed with him (I was joking around about something else) and I ended up staying there for almost 45 minutes while he spilled all kinds of stuff. I think that's partly because that used to be our bedtime routine when he was younger. Whatever it was, it was nice. Sheesh, sorry, didn't mean to write a novel. Have a great weekend!

KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN 2 LUV said...


Stumbled upon your little corner of Blogistan from Happy Wife's corner. Great blog. I love it, and I can't imagine it! NEXT DOOR TO MY EX!?

I'm with Chitown on getting him on his way to Florida, like, yesterday.

But, I'm NOT with Chitown re dogs on the bed. :-) If you want, I'll take DRD. I LURRRRVE DOGGIES. Chitown knows that so I can give her shit about it...we go "wayyyy" back. :-)

I don't have human babies, only furbabies, so I can't really relate to what you're going through with your daughter (gorgeous by the way!). But, just cuz I can't relate doesn't mean I won't comment. Tee hee.

I'm a daughter to my mommy, obviously, as are you. It's a crazy phase and in the end you are her best friend, bar none. You know it, and she will "re-know" it as she comes out of this phase. It's obvious you are a stellar mama, so hang in there.

Now, as for YOU & ME. Ya, ummm, I spent some time here catching up on your past posts and realized we've got lots in common. Legal field? check. Dog lover? check. A Melter? double check. Crazy work ethic? CHECK. Tries to be a good mommy (human or doggies)? Triple check.

Also, just want to let you know that you no longer have to see August 6th as the anniversary of your wedding can now forever remember it as MY BIRTHDAY. :-) I was reading your post on that and thought, hey, that's my birthday! I should let her know and make her smile. Hope it worked. :-)

Anyway, like Chitown, I didn't mean to turn this into a novel. Just wanted to tell you that I've come to love your blog. Look forward to many years of blog stalking your posts. Hope you have a great weekend in Florida!!!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Next week, huh? Are the police after him?

Mrs. G. said...

I'm sorry about your daughter. The cutting of apron strings is a serious bitch.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Girlfriend, you fit a lot of crap into a few days. ;0 I mean that nicely. I am mad that my comment from the meltdown did not show up...perhaps this one won't either.
oh balls.
I hope you have a great weekend away. you work too hard. you shoul play HARD too.
take care,

dkuroiwa said...

Florida? Really? One part of me is all like, yeah...can we all help pack your bags?! And then...another part is he REALLY thinking this or just telling you to see what kind of reaction you'll give him.
I hope he saw you leave your house on the way to The Captain's with your suitcase busting at the seams and a pack of condoms hanging out the side!!!

And your daughter? I remember that stage with my own mom...hang in there...there is a great possibility of this passing soon and you'll be back to talking again!!