Friday, November 14, 2008

New Hair, New Life

Yes Yes people you were all right - and Carol P, you were the closest with Pink Hair (and I'm seriously considering your PINK HOUSE idea....just kidding).

Dennis talked me into THIS: (Yes I am aware the photos are blurry - self timing camera issues)

Yes after 42 years of blonde (give or take a few years of misguided natural brown), I am now a REDHEAD. It's a little bit too red, but it should tone down in time. Or I'll get it adjusted. The cut is adorable (not the greatest photos, but I do love the cut). It's not real short. I am not a short haired girl, but shorter than it was.
I say free of each other because I think he was as ready as I was to move on. The saddest part of the whole hearing was having his Dad on the witness stand (crazy state law that you have to have a witness corroborate that you've lived apart and haven't had sex with each other for the last 12 months. LIKE HE WOULD KNOW?!). Anyway, the question, "Do you think there's any chance for reconciliation?" (A required question). And Dad looked at me and looked at him and sadly said, "Unfortunately, no." I have no regrets in the decision to end this except to the extent it breaks certain family member's hearts. BUT Daughter has told me that her relationship with her father is much better since the divorce. I tried to tell him 16 months ago that the reason we needed to do this and not wait any longer was the kids were turning nasty toward the opposite-sex parent, but he denied it and said I was wrong. Gee, VINDICATED again. Daughter will never tell him this, but at least I know it was the right thing to do not only for me but also for the kids.
So tonight the GIRLS are coming over. My sissie is on a train coming down to see me as I type this. We are going to crank up the Margarator and have a kick ass time. Girls Night Out Indeed. The only thing that could make it perfect would be to have all my bloggy friends/bitches with me!


Persnickety Ticker said...

Redheads definitely have more fun!

Have a wonderful time tonight!!


(I still liked my idea of getting jiggy on the ex's lawn with a hot guy...)

Katy said...

The hair is fabulous and vindication is sweeeet!

Have fun tonight! I'll drink to your health from here!

joe said...

WOW! Lucy Ricardo reborn! Just kidding. Looks great and congrats for making such a bold statement.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

We'll celebrate again this spring.

Red? Hmmm. Now that's a color I hadn't yet considered. It's definitely bringing out your blue eyes.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Love the color and the cut. So fabulous on you. Congrats on the divorce. Life will only get better from here on out....and I agree. Sometimes divorce is so much better for the kids than living with unhappy parents.

ChiTown Girl said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! The hair is great, by the way! You must feel like a whole new woman. I'm very jealous/sad that I can't be there for the margarita party! That's got ChiTown Girl written ALL over it!

Rabidparadise said...

Great cut, Great color! Glad it's finally over for you! And, a pink house could be loads of fun. Might even annoy the X some... :-D

Carol P. said...

I like the new look! But then I'm partial to redheads since I have 3 of 'em (OK, 2 and a strawberry blonde).

And congratulations on the official start of your new life. Everybody should had a certificate to mark a beginning!

Wish I were there to celebrate stepping through the newly opened doorway with you. Hope it's a kick-ass celebration!

Jason, as himself said...

The hair looks GREAT.

And what state do you live in? Witnesses on the stand? Testimony that you haven't had sex? Or are you just kidding me?

Is that why they say California is a "no-fault" state? My divorce was pretty much no questions asked. And believe me, there would have definitely been questions!

Amy said...


And I love the new hair!

Hope you have a kick-ass time tonight!

dkuroiwa said...

The color is sweet!! That is a color I would love to try, you know...just to see!! You look awesome!!

I'm reading this late, so I hope you had a great time cutting loose and being free!! You did make it home okay, right? Bag? Keys? Underwear? Shoes?
Hope all made it some time or another!!

Paranoid said...

It sounds so weird to say congratulations for a divorce, but they really are in order. You made the right decision, that much is clear. And I'm very, very happy for you.

bernthis said...

Fellow single mom here only my ex lives a whole five minutes away. Congrats on your freedom. I remember the day my lawyer called and told me it was official, I cried so hard from joy and sadness but not regret.

Clippy Mat said...

nothing like turning a new leaf and being the colour of one at the same time.
nice hair do, great colour
good luck with your new page.

hulagirlatheart said...

Three cheers for red! Love the new cut.

Our local Linens-N-Things is closing, so I'm watching the Margaritaville blenders closely, hoping to catch one at least 50% off.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

LOVE your hair!
I partied like crazy the night of my divorce, it's a very fond memory.
Congrats, I'm glad it's over, well that part of it at least!

Feisty Irish Wench said...

I totally agree with Persnickety, because I was born a redhead, and Garnier helps me keep it that way. Yes, indeedy my dear, redheads DO have more fun!
Why? Because brunettes are taken too seriously and blondes aren't taken seriously enough.
And is her EX's lawn, Lord only knows what's crawling around over there.

my word verf? disme - Yep, disme, da redhead from next door.