Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Spy Who (used to) Love me

Drawbacks of next door neighbors with a full garage: K's garage is full of STUFF from the overflow move. He parks outside. I therefore know decisively when he is there and when he is not. SO where the heck is he on a weeknight at 10pm? Hmmmm? He disappeared a couple times last week when he had the kids. What is he thinking? All I can say is PLEASE OH PLEASE HAVE A GIRLFRIEND AND GET HAPPY!!!!!!!!!! Really, I'm serious. I think a girlfriend would be a good thing for him! I accepted a few years ago that I do not make him happy (and vice versa). I have moved on. I hope he does. But still, I wonder. Why do I wonder? I honestly don't know. I have always been somewhat of a snoop. Goes with the lawyer in me. SO where is he????

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