Monday, April 21, 2008

Coming out of the Blogger Closet

It's Official. Today I came out of the closet. I admit, it didn't take long. I also admit I was nervous. Dare I tell anyone about this blog? Well of course I told my Mom. She Rocks. I can tell her anything. And my friend over at Paranoid - she's incredibly supportive. And my sisters. And my F.U. sister. But beyond that? Hmmmmm. It started to "leak out" at Happy Hour Friday night as we said goodbye to The Don - perhaps the funniest man I have ever known (and I know some funny people, so that's saying something). He brought it up on his iPhone and passed it around. Good thing most people were drinking and hopefully forgot about it. (HEY DON you owe me a guest-posting - I haven't forgotten!) But they laughed. So today I said to myself, "Quit beating yourself up and try it!"

I sent an email to my family, fellow cousin bloggers, some extended family, some friends, even two coworkers (not their work addresses). The results have been hilarious. You all have been there for me over the years, through the tears, listening to me brag on the kids, whine about the Ex, save me from moments of insanity or join in them, depending on the level of risk. And now you've joined me in the next phase of my "hootness" as Broccoli calls it.

Fun responses:
  • from my legal coworker, legal advice in a website article about blogs and how whiney tell-all divorce blogs can get you into trouble. Nope, not going to find that here, I hope. LK I'm counting on you for your legal review!
  • from my old friend broccoli, comments about my body (I forgot that was in there when I sent around the invite! yes my mouth/hands overflowth here just like in real life);
  • from my cousin DF the admission that he didn't notice anything different. And, of course, words of support. Gotta love cousins;
  • from JO an awesome idea for that "once wedding" quilt - the one her mom made and I hated to put away. Looks like a call to K is in order;
  • supportive posts from Paranoid who still, inexplicably, thinks she wants to be me when she grows up. She hasn't figured out yet that she's already light years beyond me;
  • and the emails - funny, encouraging, saucy, racy, perfect.

So Glad I'm Out Of the Closet. It was dark and lonely in there. I'm pretty tired of dark and lonely. Time for some FUN!


dirtft said...

I always have and always will be there for you. Yes, our circumstances are different-I would've answered your survey with a HELL NO if it was available so I have to hand it to you. But then again you have never done anything half way-even when you wanted to start a family you had TWINS-and one of each at that! It's one of the things we love about you and one of the things people who will never meet you face to face may be able to learn from you. They, too, might find support in the strangest of places.

TGND said...

Thanks Flash. It always helps to know my bruddy is behind me.