Thursday, April 17, 2008

In Fairness to Him

OK I don't intend this to be an "ex bashing" site - more humorous I hope. So in an attempt at fairness, for background purposes, some good things about my ex:
  • He helped around the house enormously, laundry, all yard work, cars, vacuuming
  • He cooked better than I did and was good about helping with that
  • He schlepped kids when asked
  • He did all the bills stuff that I hated
  • He was neat
  • When we had parties or company, he was helpful and thoughtful and kept me from forgetting important things like napkins, ice, food
  • He always helped clean up dinner, parties, holidays whatever
  • He had to be pushed to go "out with the boys" for some fun
  • He was never a couch potato

Ok so by now you're wondering why I let him go, right? Trust me, it was there. But that's not what this site is about. Not about the past (other than for background). It's about the now, the future, and living side-by-side after living, well, side-by-side for 19 years....


Paranoid said...

Yay! I'm your first comment.

And here's what I have to say: You were unhappy for YEARS. He made you feel unloved and (worse) unloveable. He treated you like garbage, and it seems as if he's still at it. So, why do you feel the need to be fair? It's your blog, it's your life, it's your story. Tell whatever you want to.

Oh, and you rock!

TGND said...

I love you!!! Thank you. And why do I have to be fair? Well, I don't want to look like a whiney bitchy ex-wife. Even if I am (sometimes)!!

Thanks for your support. I'm still too chicken to tell anyone but you about this blog...