Friday, March 26, 2010

Then I decided it was better not to know

I was helping a sister out at work, badging her back onto her floor on the elevator and then letting her into her floor because she forgot her badge on her desk (not an uncommon error as we often hear people banging on the stairwell doors when they've locked themselves out. Can be embarrassing yes).

As I commonly do with peeps on the elevator, I introduced myself. Why yes, I do try to meet new people in my office. We have 600 attorneys (yes that's not a typo) and lots of staff. My kids have asked me if I know everyone, and I tell them, "No but I'm working on it." So today I said, "By the way, I'm M.E." And she said, "Yes I know who you are. My name's Jane."

Jane appeared to be a young associate. I am fairly certain I have never seen her before although I am NOT good at names and faces. But still, that whole, "I know who you are" is a bit scary.

It's not like I'm a partner who has accomplished things that everyone knows. We have some awesome superstars here (I'm talking Supreme Court landmark decisions, former Senators, former Cabinet members. Celebrities of sorts). I am NOT one of them. So I almost asked, "How do you know me?"

Then I thought about it.

I am a former "Bocce Idol" contestant. You know, karaoke in front of the whole firm. When you can't sing. [that post has been deleted for reasons of stupid hijackers]. I am a former Bocce Champion of the Firm. I've played Sarah Palin as a Halloween Costume Judge (our firm's Halloween party is kick ass). I've been called out by the Managing Partner at "all Firm" meetings as one of his Peeps who speaks her mind.

So I decided perhaps I didn't really want to know how she knows me. Then I can pretend it's because she knows me as the Firm's Chairman of the Associates' Committee. (thank goodness I have at least one Firm-related activity that's dignified!)


Busy Bee Suz said...

That is so funny. You are popular and you didn't even know it. :)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I'm betting she's heard about your Diet Coke can collection.

Paranoid said...

Sigh. I miss the firm. It was a good place to work (mostly).