Friday, March 19, 2010

Recovering in Charleston

Some things transcend colds, fever, ear aches, deep hacking coughing.

What, you ask, could transcend such evil, vile feelings? Being in a lovely Inn in Charleston, in 75 degrees, walking through the gorgeous campus with my Daughter, as she plans for her future.

This morning we awoke early, shared a breakfast, then made our way to campus. She set off with her future "Honors College" classmates to a class where they would discuss Western Civilization classic literature and I had a campus tour. The day developed into information, sessions, chatting with parents, educators, students.

Someday soon, my child, my babyduck, the light of my life, will be setting out on her own, in this place, to grow, learn, experience, live, do things that will help to develop her into the person she is destined to become. I am excited for her and all the things that are available to her. I am thrilled she is in a place so lovely, so cultured, so full of friendly faces and potential that will turn my lovely babyduck into a full fledged swan.

Simultaneously I am terrified and scared and dreading the future, the days and weeks without this vibrant, energetic, funny, entertaining child illuminating my every day, my nights, my weekends. She will be beyond my protective wingspan, out on her own, meeting new people, making her own decisions, sharing her stories and her laughter with strangers, with kids I haven't checked out and invited to the house and taken to the movies. She will be creating her own circle of new friends, her new life, where I am but an infrequent visitor.

I know this is something that she must do. I know I have done all I can to prepare her for this moment. I know she has good judgment, good morals, good values, and a determination to succeed. But still.....

A little part of me knows that when she leaves (and simultaneously, her Twin Brother Leaves, which is a whole other post for a whole other day) I will struggle to be happy for her amidst my sadness at saying goodbye to a truly amazing friend. Ok I know it is not "goodbye" for she will always be an integral part of my life, but it will be goodbye to the way things were. It will be hello to a whole new world - for both of us.


TAG said...

My daughter will be a Senior at C of C in the fall. She has had a blast. (Yes, member of the honors college.)

It will be tough, but you need to find a way to visit her several times a year while she is there.

They have a farmers market in Marion Square every Saturday morning. It is a blast.


Also, for a laugh, you should read this post

about the weekend I dropped off my daughter. Be sure and read the comment I wrote about the fun they had that first night in the dorm.


Bumpkin on a Swing said...

The best look at the empty nest, I have ever read. Rock On, you have much awaiting you!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

It is the joy in their "hello" that sees you through.

Bill said...

This lovely post is a tearjerker.


Busy Bee Suz said...

Well, thanks for starting my morning with TEARS!!!!
I feel the same way, but I am a year behind you...but I am already torn about the whole thing.
Congrats on her finding a great college though. She will be happy and you will get used to it. (????) Easy for me to say, huh? (????)

Hula Girl at Heart said...

All of these emotions have been rolling around in my soul lately as I realized my daughter's departure for college is just a year or so away. I'm at a loss for words on this subject. Really.

I LOVE Charleston!

Margo said...

my daughter is a junior and her leaving for college is definitely on our radar screen recently. I look at her sometimes and can't stop crying - then sometimes can't stop thinking how crazy she's driving me and how the time really feels just about right:)

DF said...

While we here have experienced the birdlings flying from the nest, the relationship between the parent and birdling has been even better than before. Conversation topics have grown and changed character to show the maturing and growth of the protogee to the point they have become even closer friends to us while still relying on the occasional parental guidance.

A new, exciting chapter is about to unfold.

Sorry you wern't home for the imprompt to visit. K and I decided to attend at 11 PM last night.

Paranoid said...

Welcome to the Carolinas! S will love it. And if you ever need a way-station on your trip to visit her, we always have a room available.

And also, good job, Mom. You've done an amazing job of taking your kids this far. They're very lucky.

~annie said...

I've been feeling this way since the acceptance letters started fluttering in, back in December...