Friday, February 19, 2010

Olympics, Dreams, Crushes, Chills

The chills are not because I'm watching frigid winter games. The chills come from stories like Noelle Pikus Pace, a very young mom who has overcome double-shin breaks to try to medal in the skeleton race. The Chills come from watching hottie Evan Lysacek win the gold (again - I love reruns) and ignoring the pouty face of Evgeni Plushenko who was clearly "disappointed" with silver. Disappointed in a silver medal at the Olympics? Seriously?

What possesses me to come home from work at 11pm night after night and stay up until 1am watching tv? Me, the girl who, as a rule, never watches TV. No time people. But I am so loving this time delay and late night olympics!! There is simply no better way to end a loooong day of work than to watch these young kids excel in their sports. Kids who train day in and day out, overcoming amazing setbacks, achieving amazing results. Kids whose skates break in mid-routine only to get back up and finish. Kids who tumble on their heads and get back up. Broken bones, family strife, nothing seems to stop these champions.

Tiger? Go away. You can't compete. You are a loser. These kids? They are all worth a gold medal. They are giving it all, leaving it all on the field (or the mountain or the ice) for that one chance at glory.


Natonne Elaine said...

I totally agree. I love the Olympics, especially ice skating.


dkuroiwa said...

That kid whose laces busted? yeah. he is my new hero!
I was even watching curling...curling!! for crying all night!! WTH?? :-D
i have to go now...they are showing the mens figure skating...again!!

ModernMom said...

Oh I too am addicted to the Olympics, as much the sport as the human interest stories they slide in between.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I am completely missing these Olympics and it does make me sad.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

By golly, that is so well said. I love these kids, too. Tiger who?