Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Seasons? We have seasons!!

People ask me all the time, "Do you miss the seasons?"


We have seasons.

For example, like the buds that first push through the ground in March up north, they start to appear here, except in October.

They come, first one by one, parking themselves in the center lane of A1A, aka Beach Road.  As October turns to November and then December, it becomes a cacophony of car carriers, convoyed down the center line, offloading the Caddies, Buicks, Lincolns, the occasional Bentley and Rolls Royce.  The trucks line up, nose to tail nose to tail, like the thousands of tulips I would see in the north in the spring, bringing to us the joys of the season.  The transportation has arrived, awaiting the flock of snow birds in their wake.

Shortly after the car carriers comes the awakening of the condos, the long covered over windows and sliders opening their eyes as the hurricane shutters go to storage.  Buildings, long silent and sleepy, awaken to the wheelchairs, walkers, and grocery carts of the snow birds.

High Season is here.

We go a little slower along A1A, the headless drivers going well below the speed limit.  But instead of impatience I thank them for the opportunity to look left and right along the beach, thankful for the sunshine, the light breeze, the top down and the birds flying overhead.  If I had been traveling my normal speed I might have missed this.

We drive downtown on a Friday night, wondering why we can't get all the way downtown.  Then we remember "HIGH SEASON." That means roads closed, a live band (FREE) downtown, dancing with our neighbors and friends, enjoying the peaceful evening, the slight chill in the air, the seasonal specials and good feelings of those on vacation.

Ah yes.  High Season.  Just one of the Seasons of South Florida.

So no, I do not miss the seasons.  I recognize a different kind of changing seasons.  And Love it just as much


Pearl said...

I'm officially jealous!
Beach, sand, sun...ha, what more can you ask for? Have I told you we used to live in Kauai, HI? Our house was just less than a mile to the west side of the island. Every afternoon, we would all walk there, feeling the sand in between our toes, enjoying the waves, and sunset. Or drive to other parts of the island, and enjoy other beautiful beaches...we were never bored.
Enjoy your change of seasons...while it lasts...
Happy new year!

Lala said...

You have a lovely way with words! What a pleasure to read - especially with your thankful, positive spin on what could be an old familiar story of the tourist infestation :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

The story of my life. :( LOL.
Although, we don't get the car carriers here. Seems they just have another set of cars waiting in the garage. I too never complain, they bring with them money that keeps people working when they might possibly be laid off. Enjoy your winter!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Today is our winter. 32 this morning. I can take about 36 hours of this before I start contemplating a more tropical location!

Stephanie said...

LOL I adore your perspective! PS My parents are adding to your high season and LOVING the weather right now!