Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Confounded by technology...crap I am my mother

once upon a time there was blogspot.com.  And there were templates.  And it was simple.

Then you discovered there were coded things behind the templates and you messed with the codes to change your basic template.  And if [when] you messed it all up you could "delete" and "revert'.

Then you left the blogging world for 147 years oh wait 18 months.

And you tried to blog again,.

But gmail had a new system.  And finding out just how to post a damn post became a herculean effort.

and following those blogs you used to follow?  forgetabboutit.

Not to mention messing with your design.

and after days/weeks/years/decades of spending time trying to figure it out, you accept what is, forget trying to change what you don't like and realize...

crap I am my mom.  We call the younger generation to sort out the "computer issues" and realize we just. can't. keep. up. with . technology.

Sigh.  am I alone here/????


Jennifer Denise Ouellette said...

I'm staying on the technology bandwagon, so far. I've even got snapchat!

The Girl Next Door said...

OK I guess I'm not so bad. I have snapchat, too and even told my 20YO how to type on a photo b/c he said you could only do that on iPhone not android! HA!

Gigi said...

And here I thought I was okay with technology - but what the hell is snapchat?! (making a note to Google it).

Busy Bee Suz said...

I feel like I am doing pretty good for an old dog. :)
If you want to change up your blog without ruining it all, make a second 'test' blog and do all the stuff there. That way if you mess up, you can just scrap it. (been there, done that)
Now, when it comes to my phone, I get the "oh Mom, let me show you how to do that" from the 17 year old. Showoff.