Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Turning over (another) new leaf....

Helllllloooo out there.  Yes I am the absentee blogger.   Not to be confused with an absentee voter.  But I did vote in person today (in Florida - in Broward county - will it count?  that's another post....)

As you know, I have lived in paradise for a year now.  Truly paradise.  The Captain continues to be amazing.  We have an amazing time living together, talking, sailing, laughing, entertaining an endless stream of visiting family, friends and children (and I was afraid the kids wouldn't come!! Silly me).

But along with this happiness has come an unwanted 15 pounds, an unhealthy partying lifestyle, and a lack of attention to my health.

I rationalized the first 5 pounds.

I denied the second 5 pounds.

It's the third 5 pounds that caused me to buy some new clothes.

And finally, the Captain, seeing my sadness with myself and unable to face it by myself, joined forces with me this weekend and we BOTH committed to a healthier lifestyle.

Yeah, we've done this a few (half-hearted) times over the last year.  But today?  I put my MONEY where my MOUTH is (oh and a cupcake but wait, I can explain....)

Today for the first time in my life, as a 20 year soccer athlete and marathon runner, I joined a gym AND hired a personal trainer.  I almost fainted at the cost, which promptly led them to show me a much more reasonable program.  Then came the body measurements.  Talk about humiliating.  I told him "JUST WRITE IT IN THE BOOK, I do NOT want to hear them out loud."  They'll take them every month to chart progress.  Accountability.

1 year.

Lose 15 pounds.

Lose 5% BMI.

Get back into the clothes that fit.

Rock the Shamrock 1/2 Marathon with my Brother for his 50th in March 2013

Shock my classmates at my 25th college reunion in June 2013.

Smile on my 47th birthday next September when I am back to my healthy lifestyle, avoiding the high cholesterol, heart disease genes just waiting for me to eat that cupcake.

OH right that um the cupcake ... it's like this - my personal trainer and I talked food - briefly. I know more about calories, good fat, bad fat, carbs, proteins, what when how and why than a dietitian (ok almost more).  But DOING it is another thing.  SOOOO he said, "Just avoid the white carbs - there are good carbs."  So as a farewell to those bad white carbs I love so much, I finally gave in and ate one of the cupcakes I brought in today to celebrate our American Rights.

Adios chubby!


Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

I'm glad you're having such a wonderful time in paradise . . . and bless your heart with the trainer and whatnot! You're inspiring!

laurie said...

SO nice to have you back! and yes, i can relate----i gained weight when i moved from duluth to st. paul. finally joined weight watchers. it took me a full year to lose 25 pounds (i am always very slow at unpleasant things) but i did lose it and i've kept most of it off for a long time. you will, too! good luck!

ChiTown Girl said...


Second, congrats on finding your bliss. I am truly happy for you and The Captain.

Good luck with the "new leaf." I've noticed that happiness usually comes with a few pounds. I gained a few, myself, when we got back together. I'm sure those pounds will melt off between the gym and personal trainer, and the fact that Captain will be joining you on your journey.

Let's try to post more than twice a year, huh?!

ChiTown Girl said...

Hey, I just took a look around, and saw all the updated info. Congrats on the new pup. She's adorable.

And, he has a girlfriend!? Good for him. Bad for her?!?! Ok, bitchiness over...

The Girl Next Door said...

Thanks all for the welcome backs and general support and ChiTown you are as always funny as hell!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I'm glad all is well with you and your peeps!
I feel your pain with extra lbs. Getting older is for the birds. Of course....birds are never fat are they???
Take care,