Thursday, November 15, 2012

Passive Aggressive Love Letters November (Linky?)

My friend over at How to Survive Life In the Suburbs is sponsoring a monthly linky where we all share our "Passive Aggressive Love Letters" - things we'd like to tell people but don't, so we write a letter and then never send it.  Why?  If you have to ask that question, you've never tried it.  Heck I think most of my early blogging was one giant letter to the Ex!!  (of course he eventually read them when he found my blog which totally cracked me up until it didn't!)

Anywhoo, I thought I would join in.  Try to get writing on a more regular basis.  And feel part of the blogging community once again.  Of course, this will require me to figure out how to link myself!  Whatevs.

Dear Aggressive Driver,

Why yes I did see you in my rearview mirror on my way to work today.  And I also saw the elderly gentleman in front of me going verrrry slowly.  I know you also saw the driver in front of me who was going reallllllly slowly.  I know you saw him because you attempted to zoom around all of us entirely too fast, without the use of a signal and with your "ME FIRST" attitude.  And I know that you know that I saw him, too, because just before you attempted your swerve move, I put on my signal and started to move into the left lane.  Thus we both moved into the left lane at the same time - you behind me.  I had plenty of room for the maneuver and you saw it coming.  So why the honking and yelling and hand motions for the next 1/2 mile down the road?  Because you didn't get in front of me, too?  Me, the person ultimately going straight, passing the loooong line of cars turning left onto the highway - the line you had to get into?  Yeah, allowing me to safely pass the elderly gentleman really slowed you down.  NOT.

Share the road babe.  We all have places to be.  Let's get there safely ok?

I Can Handle the Elderly, it's the obnoxious I want to run over


Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

I'm going to print your letter and make it into bumper stickers for our cars. Because that guy was behind me yesterday.

Stephanie said...

LOL Is there anything worse than an aggressive self centered driver!! Amazing to me that there are some drivers that simply don't understand you must SHARE the road!! Yeah you for standing your ground:)
Thanks SO much for linking up today! Hope it felt good to get it off your chest xo

wendy mencel said...

Totally awesome! Loved it and it is good advice for myself as my hubby tells me I tailgate too much!!

Gigi said...

"Oh dear God, save me from these morons." This is my prayer every day when I get behind the wheel...seriously.

ChiTown Girl said...

Yeah, what YOU said!

I'm glad you're going to be around a little more now. I've really missed you.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I never understood road rage until I started commuting.

Pearl said...

I hear yah. I am actually quite scared of driving in Interstates and freeways because of those obnoxious drivers:(((
Have a nice Saturday!

DEPRI ♥ said...

:)) Amazing