Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Another Thanksgiving Dilemma

Once upon a time I [thought] I had nowhere to go for Thanksgiving and was in a dilemma.  That one worked out just fine, as things usually do.

This year, all the sudden it appears to be Thanksgiving again!!  I don't know how this happened, but somehow spending 2 weeks in Spain in October have tossed my internal calendar overboard, and I can't grasp that Christmas is just around the Corner, and Thanksgiving is about to run me over.

I [wrongly] assumed that we would head up to the Captain's mother's for Thanksgiving.  His brother and family live up there and that's what his family tends to do.  Hmmm.  But apparently brother and family are headed out of town, Mom wants to serve dinner at her church for homeless people.  I have no desire to cook a dinner - and I hate turkey anyway - with all the trimmings for 3 people (Yes Son is home until Christmas).  Yes I asked the Captain to ask Mom down here, and we would even pick her up, but either that didn't happen or she really wants to volunteer at the church.

I would like to see Mom, and am trying to get the Captain to inquire as to whether the Church needs us to help, too?  That would be a cool thing to do and Son agrees.  Captain has another brother - single - and we need to figure out his expectations.

Captain also has a grown son who is local who might be looking for a meal (with his girlfriend/housemate). 

Meanwhile, I have company here from out of town today, another to pick up at the airport tomorrow, another coming in Friday, company this weekend expecting to go sailing on a boat who's galley and refrigeration system are currently all over the patio being repair/painted, so I can't really think about next week.


So what are you doing for Thanksgiving? 


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Two kids not coming home, two kids + fiance home. Possibly having friend or friend + kids. Completely unprepared for Thanksgiving to be next week, but I do have Wednesday off and lots of helpers so it will be fun.

Gigi said...

It seems that Thanksgiving is really early this year. But I don't have to cook for it so I'm okay with it. What I'm not okay with is that Christmas IS around the corner and I'm nowhere near ready for that!!

But as for us, it will be the three of us and our friends and their two small ones.

Stephanie said...

I say come for a visit in Canada, our Thanksgiving is long over. It will be like a time warp, you will miss the whole thing!! :)

OK..or order Chinese food. HA