Monday, November 12, 2012

I Have become My Neighbor

When I was a kid, the family across the street had a very observant mother.  She always knew when we came home, who was there, and even if we were celebrating a special family dinner in the dining room which overlooked the street.

When I moved into my house in Maryland where I lived until last year's move, the kids were 6.  A lovely lady/family lived across the street.  Her kids were mostly grown.  She often commented on how she loved to watch the "comings and goings" at our house.  AKA the constant chaos of moms and kids on the go.  When we divorced, I kept the house, and I was always comfortable knowing that my neighbor was keeping a very watchful eye on things at my house.  OK well mostly I was comfortable with that.

Now, I am the older lady who lives across the street, with grown children off at college (more or less) and I delight in watching the "comings and goings" of the family across the street.  They have 2 teenage girls and a darling, energetic 9 year old boy who can usually be seen running wildly and gleefully around the yard/neighborhood.  I know precisely when they are leaving for school every morning, because just like my Son at that age, they have to yell and scream and then just start backing out the driveway before he finally gets his act together and gets in the car.  I accept packages for them from FedEx, offer advice (when asked) about teenagers and computers and privacy and such.  But mostly I watch the comings and goings and the chaos I once knew.

And I realized, I am my neighbor.  I am that older woman with no kids living across the street.  And it made me a little sad. 


Gigi said...

Oh, that made ME sad. Apparently, I am your neighbor as well.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

It happens. The alternative to it happening would be worse. I know just how you feel.

My next-door neighbor with the young ones says she misses all the comings and goings at our house.

Stephanie said...

Oh I don't think you should be sad! Perhaps this happens so we can all reflect and also be glad we are not the one's going CRAZY trying to get our little one';s out of the house on time each morning for school. At least as those days grow ever closer for me, that's my plan:)

RV Roof Repair said...

Me and My old neighbor became good friends based on real neighborly ... I am friendly with my neighbors, but not friends with them.I have become so conscious about protecting my own soul and doing what ... Loving thy neighbour is more than being nice/not being mean

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