Friday, July 30, 2010


It has been a hot summer. No silly not hawt. Just H-O-T.

I love H-O-T. OK I love hawt, too, but that's another post.

After a few days of 100+ degrees, I got used to it.

After a few weeks of 100+ degrees and 99% humidity, I awoke to temps in the 70's. I got in my convertible...and turned on the heated seats.

Oh yes I did. Really. It was 76 degrees and I was freezing. I put the "Just In Case" sweatshirt back in the car, too.

Any questions remaining on why I need to move to Florida?!


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

We have the opposite summer--COLD. Which means 68 to 74 degrees and I'm sure you get that is cold!

J.G. said...

Yep, you've got the thin Florida blood! We totally put on a sweater when it drops out of the 80's.

Sarah J Clark said...

First, THANK YOU. (You know what for.)

Second, I'm glad you found me.

Third, I have a Just In Case sweater

a.) in my car

b.) at work - okay, i have two. (they have to semi-match my outfit, right? right.) and ... don't laugh...

c.) in my purse.


Hula Girl at Heart said...

Ha! My hormones are so out of control, I haven't put on a sweater since 42 degrees. It's been a scorcher in western 90% and above humidity. Some days it's hard to breathe.

dkuroiwa said...

i have a just-in-case long sleeved shirt in my bag for when i get on the bus, 'cause DAMN the airconditioning on those things is on 'arctic' level!!!
and fyi....i haven't really worn a coat (like a heavy one) for about 15 years...even when it snows, it's cold, sure, but not parka cold!!
oh and by the way...i have beers cooling in the freezer even as i type as i am going to need them later!! (hot...humid...yuck today!)